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Regardless of the platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare – social media is all about starting a conversation. And that’s what makes the medium such a unique medium for marketing. You aren’t overtly advertising anything; you’re jsut talking.

What we tell our clients here is that as much as possible on social media they should be replicating the way they talk to customers in the bar. They don’t scream happy hour specials to people when they walk in the door, so they shouldn’t be posting a daily all-caps list of that day’s dinner special on Facebook or Twitter.

And one of the keys to the process is to be sharing as much quality content as often as possible.

A good recent example we saw recently was the Grass Skirt Tiki Room in Columbus, Ohio which posted late one day that the bar staff was bored and making fun cocktails. The post listed six or seven unique ingredients they were playing around with, inviting anybody who saw the post to come down and try a cocktail.

The vibe of the post was casual and inviting, sort of like sending a buddy a text that you’re having a few beers while watching the game. The result? Within minutes they had 20+ likes and four comments. Fans were writing things along the lines of “Wish I was near the bar, I’d love to be there.”

Another example of great content is photos. This year a restaurant named AJ Bombers shared a high quality close-up picture of one of their burgers just before being served to a customer.

In a matter of minutes the post had 70 likes, eight comments and several shares. Ask yourself: Is that better than a buy one-get one free coupon?

Just think about the attention that post got. That delicious burger showed up in the newsfeed of the friends of all the people who liked or commented on the picture. It’s essentially the equivalent of 70 or 80 personal recommendations. And it’s free.

Pictures and videos are particularly valuable types of content for you to share. Not only do they remain in newsfeeds for a longer period of time, but they are particularly easy to capture and share in the age of smart phones.

Sharing great content over social media has never been simpler than it is today. And it should not be ignored by bars and restaurants. Stop advertising and start chatting!

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