How to Share Other People’s Great Content

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A few weeks back, we told you How to Share Great Content on Social Media. In that case we were referring to content that you create yourself – posts, pictures, video, etc.

But there is another type of content to keep in mind as you start and maintain the conversation that is social media: that which originates from other sources. It is important to pass along what you feel will be interesting to your customers, regardless of where it comes from. And there are a number of forms that sharing can take.

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet the past few years you’re no doubt aware of the SomeEcard phenomenon. They’re pictures of a generic nature to which users attach add humorous captions, usually related to modern life.

We recently posted a funny Ecard related to trivia on the Buzztime Trivia Facebook page. The post received 135 likes, 57 shares and five comments all within a few hours. At that point, it quickly became one of the most engaging pieces of content that was shared on the Buzztime Facebook page. Every time a person clicked on that post to share or like it, the image made its way to the newsfeed of their friends. In other words, it made its way to the top of their mind at the moment they were checking their Facebook page.

Another thing to consider when it comes to sharing other people’s content is whether or not it’s relevant to your fans. We didn’t choose just any SomeEcard to share on the Buzztime Trivia Facebook page. We specifically chose a card that our fans could relate to.

In the case of the Buzztime Business Facebook page, the content that we share needs to appeal to bar and restaurant owners.  We recently shared a photo that Foursquare posted to their Facebook page with all of our Facebook fans.

We used this opportunity to engage our fan base regarding something that was relevant to them; Foursquare. Many customers use Foursquare to check in to their favorite bars and restaurants. It’s definitely something that bar and restaurant owners need to be aware of.

By sharing this type of information, we’re letting our fans know that we’re the go-to source for information that’s important to them. The same can be said for the social media accounts for bars and restaurants. Do more than just provide your customers with your happy hour specials. Become the go-to source for fun and relevant information.

You never know .. the next time one of your Facebook fans or Twitter followers is trying to decide where to eat, he or she just might remember that funny SomeEcard you posted and make the decision to go to your restaurant!

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