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Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy you’re expanding the social media wing of your marketing efforts and making a point to add visual content to the conversation you’re having with customers. But as with all content, it’s important that you are focused on ensuring your photos are of a high enough quality that they don’t detract from your goals.

With that in mind, we thought we’d pass a long a few tips that will help you to take better photos for use on social media.

Check Your Equipment: In most cases you’re going to be taking pictures with a smart phone. So make certain the phone is in the best situation possible to produce great shots. Clean the lens, check your setting to make sure the camera is set to the highest resolution, etc. As the artist in this metaphor, make sure you don’t need to blame your tool.

Don’t “Over-flash”: The use of flash can help in situations where the subject is back-lit (the light source is facing the photographer), but for the most part less is more. If you can get away with producing clear, clean images without using artificial light, try and do so.

Keep it Small: Some amateur photographers make the mistake of including too many images in their pictures. Don’t clutter. An up-close shot of one plate of food will likely be more visually compelling than the entire table. A shot of your cook’s favorite knife might be more interesting than a wide shot of the whole kitchen.

Tell a Story: Quality of photographs doesn’t just refer to whether the colors pop and the images are sharp. Make sure there is a purpose to the image you’re sharing. Are you shooting during a special event? Then the image should highlight something relevant.

Play Around a Little Bit: Cameras of all kinds these days have the ability to take unusual photos (extreme close-ups, etc.). If you think it will help capture the moment, try it. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

The contract between marketer and consumer doesn’t require that you pay thousands of dollars for professional images. But it does require you demonstrate for your readers that you are doing your best to give them a quality visual experience.

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