Be Sneaky! How To Use Facebook to Spy On Your Competition

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Almost every bar and restaurant has a Facebook page these days, and that’s good news for you. Through Facebook, you can learn all sorts of important information about your competition. But how? You don’t need to do anything sketchy or unethical…in fact, all of the information you need is out in the open! Try out the following strategies and see how many of your competition’s secrets you can learn.

Find out their strengths.

What does your competition do well? Do they have a lot of likes or a particularly vocal fan base? Then check out what they’re doing right on their page. Maybe they post a ton of specials and deals that people seem to respond to. If so, you can see what works and think about doing those things at your restaurant. Be sure to look at the photos tagged at your competition’s bar or restaurant and make a note of any food, drinks, or social events that seem to be popular.

Find out their weaknesses.

Even more important than your competition’s strengths are your competition’s weaknesses. Although it can be helpful to see what someone else is doing well, it’s better to see where your competition is failing. This way, you can make sure to offer customers something that they can’t get anywhere else. For example, if you notice that your competition isn’t responding to customer complaints or comments, be sure to create a more social experience on your page. And notice what customers are complaining about. Are they unhappy about menu items, portion sizes, or service? Whatever it is, take notes, and don’t make the same mistakes at your bar or restaurant.

Check out their likes.

Did you know that when you click on a page’s Likes – the actual thumbnail, not the Like button, you can find out a ton of specific information about the company’s fan base? Try it out! You’ll see the total number of people who like the business, which is good for you, since you can see how your own bar or restaurant measures up. But you can also see a lot more. The Likes page shows you the page’s most popular week, the city where most of the people talking about the page are from, and the largest age group of the people who like the page. This can all help you, particularly the last item. Are your competition’s fans in the same age group you’re aiming for? If so, you know what you’re up against. If not, now you know you can target your ads towards an age group that isn’t being served by your competition. And, if you look back on the company’s timeline to find their most popular week, you can find out what they did that week that worked so well.

You can learn a lot about bars and restaurants in your area simply by checking out the information available on their Facebook pages. But remember…if you’re spying on your competition, you can rest assured that they’re spying on you as well!

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