Social Competition of Buzztime Trivia Keeps Customers Engaged and Entertained

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The most popular local bars and restaurants succeed by creating a social connection with the community. It is a place that busy people want to go to relax and unwind and laugh, and just escape daily stresses. As a bar manager you are always looking for that one key ingredient to create that inviting atmosphere and Buzztime trivia is an ideal solution. Here’s why.

Social interaction

Most patrons come in after a long day in front of a computer or with their nose buried in their tablet or smartphone tapping away on a screen but not truly talking to other people. Buzztime creates a conversation that starts between staff and customers as they are encouraged to play, but then spreads out amongst the other customers very quickly. Pretty soon the entire room is filled with energy as everyone talks, laughs and challenges each other to friendly matches. Employees are much more engaged with customers and more likely to provide excellent service as they follow along with the fun.

More effective TV promotions

The TV’s used for Buzztime displays will become much more effective marketing tools for your bar. In between games, a bar manager can display ads featuring upcoming special events such as Happy Hours or Sporting Events. More people will be paying attention since they are anticipating the next round of trivia. A really savvy manager will organize Trivia Teams and schedule events around the Buzztime games and advertise those on the TV’s. The next thing you know, those typically dead Tuesday nights will be challenging Fridays nights’ sales totals at very little cost in time or money.

A community within the restaurant

As the word of mouth spreads about the great atmosphere at your establishment, people will keep coming back and will stay longer. They will bring friends and family and out of town visitors and challenge them to games or recruit people to help them beat the latest Trivia King. Teams might start out as strangers who just happened to sign up together randomly, but pretty soon they become friends and look forward to seeing each other at the bar to play a round or, just buy a round of drinks for each other and catch up.

Contact us today for more information on using Buzztime Trivia to add an effective marketing tool and create a social atmosphere that will make your bar everyone’s favorite place to be.

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