How to Use Social Media to Drive Customer Loyalty Programs

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With the explosion of social media, there has never been a better time than now for bars and restaurants to get on board with a customer loyalty program.

According to an article by Fast Company, researchers tallied more than two billion loyalty program memberships, which means the average U.S. household belongs to about 18 different loyalty programs. This proves the American people truly enjoy and value loyalty programs. Remember, your top customers are 5-6 times more valuable than the other 90% of customers.

Social media and customer loyalty programs go hand in hand. People who are incentivized with perks for eating, drinking and visiting your bar or restaurant will be even more motivated to tell their fans and friends about it on their own social networks.

So how can your bar or restaurant leverage the power of social media to increase customer loyalty?

Host fun social media contests that encourage customer loyalty:

For example, invite Facebook users to like your business page for a chance to win a free gift card or certificate to your restaurant. And just for liking your page, they will receive an exclusive discount during their next visit. Other contests might also include drink and recipe contests, giveaways around holidays and special days, etc.

Reward customers with badges on Foursquare: 

Foursquare rewards customers with badges for checking-in at your establishment. The more badges they earn, the more features they can unlock to get even greater rewards and discounts at your bar or restaurant.

Provide opportunities for new customers to sign-up for your loyalty program on your Facebook page: 

With a simple sign-up form, you can easily capture new loyalty program members directly on your Facebook page.

Always give loyal customers the inside scoop: 

It’s important to make your loyal customers feel special. Invite them to exclusive events at your bar or restaurant on your Facebook page, or simply spread the word about a new menu item. Regardless, make sure they are the first to know about upcoming news and events.

Go digital with stamp cards: 

There are third-party apps and tools like Stampt you can use to implement a digital stamp card for customers. Digital stamp cards make it easy for customers to collect and redeem rewards right on their smart phone, while at the same time encouraging greater social media interaction for your business.

Keep the rules simple: 

Keep your loyalty program simple and make sure that the rules to participate are easy to understand. It’s essential, especially in the world of social media, to keep your loyal customers happy and saying good things about your bar or restaurant and your loyalty program.

Sweeten the perks for your most connected customers:

Offer additional rewards to your loyal customers who are connected and telling their friends about your bar or restaurant on their social networks. For example, create incentives where they earn $1 at your bar or restaurant for every friend they refer on Facebook who checks in.

With these easy tips and strategies, you’ll be on your way in no time to maximizing social media to build a winning customer loyalty programs.

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    Good article on using Social Media with customer loyalty programs. Just having a customer loyalty program isn't enough, you need to let your customers know and engage them with it.


    Good article on using Social Media with customer loyalty programs. Just having a customer loyalty program isn't enough, you need to let your customers know and engage them with it.

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