Spice Up Your Customer Loyalty With Awesome Rewards

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You might offer a loyalty program for your customers. Maybe you have punch cards or swipe cards. Chances are, though, your rewards could be a bit cooler. Take a look at these awesome rewards and see if you can implement any of them in your bar or restaurant.

Offer outrageous rewards.

Forget coupons or free meals…Italian restaurant Vino Vidi Vici offers something a little more impressive. Any customer with 50 purchases gets his or her name engraved on a table. Customers will come back often for the chance to have their own table!

Make the customers feel at home.

Rewards don’t always need to have monetary value. Consider putting your best customers’ pictures up on the wall. This shows customers how important they are to you and encourages them to be loyal.

Make it a game.

Everything’s more fun when it’s a game, and that includes customer loyalty programs. Take GrubHub’s Yummy Rummy, for example. Customers can play the game after they place three orders. There’s no guaranteed prize, of course, but sometimes the opportunity to play a game is even more enticing than a reward.

Consider charging a fee.

Okay, okay…so charging your customers money upfront doesn’t sound like an awesome reward, does it? But just think about companies like Barnes and Noble and Amazon—their rewards programs cost money, but pay off later when the customer gets elite benefits, like discounts and free shipping. You can do the same at your bar or restaurant by offering free delivery, coupons, or guaranteed discounts to customers who want to join your program.


The built-in Marketing & Rewards program that BEOND offers will bring your customers back again and again. Sweepstakes, prizes and rewards will make your customers want to visit your bar or restaurant more often.

Don’t forget about social media.

Social media can be a great way to reward your loyal customers who come back over and over. One easy way to do this is by using Foursquare. If a customer has a certain number of check-ins, you can reward him or her with a free meal. Or offer rewards to customers who tweet about their meals or post pictures on Instagram.

Focus on charity.

It’s great to offer rewards to your customers, but they might like it even more if you offer rewards to the less fortunate. Perhaps for every certain number of meals a customer purchases, you could donate food to a local food pantry? Customers may be more likely to show up often if they know they’re benefiting someone else in the community.

If your customer rewards program is basic or boring, try implementing a few of these fun ideas and see if they increase customer loyalty!

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