Sponsored Stories for Your Bar or Restaurant

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Most of us are aware of advertising on Facebook. Those squares you see in the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page? That’s them.

Recently you’ve no doubt seen advertising in the middle of your newsfeed. These are called Sponsored Stories.

The idea being that if one Facebook user enjoys something it’s likely his or her friends will as well.

Sponsored Stories are powerful for bars and restaurants. As much as any, it is an industry which thrives on word of mouth recommendation.

If your friend likes a bar, you very well may be inclined to check it out. At the very least you might become a fan of the Facebook page and do a little more research.

The nice thing about Sponsored Stories is you don’t need to set an enormous budget. A few hundred bucks a month should yield significant results. Check out the service at facebook.com/ads for more information about Sponsored Stories from the Engineering and Product teams at Facebook.

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