Why you need to start building an email list today

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In this age of instant communication by way of messaging and social media platforms, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the importance of that old standard: Email.

Don’t let anybody fool you. In a lot of ways there is still no beating the connective benefits provided by showing up in someone’s inbox every now and then. There are a multitude of benefits associated with building up your bar’s substantial email list.

For starters, capturing an email address just once provides you the ability to directly communicate with a customer multiple times. Few other mediums allow you that chance to say exactly what you want to say to a customer on a number of occasions.

Email lists also provide a stable base for your marketing efforts. Ask yourself this question: If you woke up tomorrow and Facebook and Twitter disappeared, would you be unable to communicate with the core of your revenue stream?

The fact remains that the first thing most people still do in the morning is check their email. Email may not be as indispensable as it was ten years ago, but it’s still a pretty big deal.

And if you’re able to keep in touch with customers via email, you will stay in their minds when they make entertainment choices. Seeing your name in the subject field will remind them of that memorable night they spent enjoying your world-class entertainment and flawless customer service.

And it is possible to engage your customer using email without seeming overly “spammy.” Simply provide them a small coupon or reward, with the only payment on their end being an email address.

Once you have their email address, you can send them a simple thank you for their patronage. In that correspondence will be a polite reminder of your regular specials or a special event on the horizon.

From that point, you have the ability to communicate regularly with them about whatever is on your marketing mind. You are now their e-friend and can, unless they unsubscribe (perish the thought), become a regular part of their e-lives, occasionally passing along mutually beneficial pieces of information about your bar or restaurant.

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