How to Use Technology to Free Up Your Time

 In Bar & Restaurant Operations

If there’s one thing most bar and restaurant owners need more of, it’s time. Between all your duties and responsibilities, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help. There are many convenient and creative ways to use technology that will free up your time. Read on to find out how you can save time by using technology at your bar or restaurant.

Have a comprehensive, easy to navigate website.

Of course you have a website, right? Even if you think yours is great, make sure it’s easily navigable for your customers. If they can’t quickly find your hours and address, you’ll be spending more time on the phone fielding calls from customers with questions.

Use online reservations.

If your restaurant takes reservations, let customers make them online. This means you’ll spend less time on the phone. And, by using a service like OpenTable, you can keep things organized without doing the work yourself.

Utilize online ordering.

But why stop with reservations? Let your guests order online to save you and your customers tons of time. Instead of spending tons of time on the phone taking orders, let the computer do the work.

Try digital menus and signage.

It might seem more expensive to use digital menus and signs instead of using paper. While it’s a bigger cost upfront, it will save you a ton in time and money down the road. Instead of ordering and printing new menus and signs whenever there’s a change or you have something to announce, you can quickly and easily change your digital menus and signs.

Check out HootSuite.

If you’re into social media (and, if you want your marketing to be successful, you definitely should be!), you know it can often take up a lot of your time. Use HootSuite to simply your social media experience. You can preschedule tweets, keep track of mentions and replies, and juggle multiple accounts on one dashboard. HootSuite also works with other social media platforms, as well, which can save you a ton of time.

Use SeatMe.

SeatMe helps you manage your floor and track your guests quickly and easily. With one app, you can track guest wait times, text to let them know their tables are ready, and keep track of everything going on on the floor.

Tablet check outs.

Both you and your customers can save time when you allow them to check out at their tables using tablets. Your employees don’t have to take the time to process the transaction,which means they can serve more diners.

Running a restaurant can be overwhelming, but by using technology and a few useful apps, you can use your time more wisely.

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