Use Technology to Grow Your Business

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Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that it’s difficult for anyone to keep up. However, that’s no excuse for not using the latest technology in your bar or restaurant. There are tons of tools, devices, and apps that can help you boost business and increase sales. Here are a few ways you can use technology to help grow your business.

Ordering via Facebook.

Customers love the convenience of ordering online. Technomic reports that 59 percent of Millennials often look up restaurant menus online. Why not take advantage of your customers’ Internet addiction and make ordering easy? Ordering via Facebook can be convenient and quick for your customers, which can increase your business.

Digital menus.

You know that menus don’t always stay the same. You might change yours by season or according to what’s affordable. But it can get costly to print new menus every time you want to make a change—not to mention that you need separate menus for lunch, dinner, cocktails, etc. That’s where digital menus come in. They’re easy and cost-efficient to change frequently. And if you include big, full-color photos of your food, you might encourage guests to order more.


Everyone likes games, and your customers are no exception. Games encourage customers to have fun and stay longer at your bar or restaurant. With Buzztime BEOND LIVE events, you can boost your business and engage customers. Trivia LIVE lets your brainiac customers show off, while OpinioNation LIVE appeals to customers who are looking for more of a popularity contest. And don’t forget about cards! Hold ‘em LIVE will turn your TV screens into poker tables. Games like these can turn your bar or restaurant into a hot gathering spot for customers.

Mobile apps.

Does your bar or restaurant have its own app? If not, you might want to consider getting one. Apps are useful for loyalty programs, online ordering, coupons, reservations, and more.

Tablet ordering and payment.

More and more restaurants are using tablets for basic tasks like ordering and paying. When servers are swamped, allowing customers to simply request a refill via tablet can be a big time saver. Allowing customers to pay via tablet is convenient—and it might even encourage customers to tip more!

Paging systems.

Are you still using clunky buzzers to let your guests know when their tables are ready? Why not switch to an easy-to-use service that lets customers know when they can be seated? One service, Wait Away, notifies customers with a simple text message.

Online coupons.

Does your business use coupons? If so, consider switching from paper coupons to digital coupons. The paper version is way too easy for customers to lose or forget. But as long as they have their phones on them, they’ll always be able to use their online coupons!

By keeping these ideas in mind, you can use technology to help grow your business. Which of these tips do you think you can use in your bar or restaurant?

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