Top Apps Customers Use to Find Restaurants

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Going out to dinner shouldn’t be a stressful experience, but simply picking a restaurant can often be hard. There are so many choices in any given city, and it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s not so hot. That’s why customers often turn to restaurant finding apps to help them make a decision. Check out this list to find out which apps customers may be using to find their way to your restaurant!


The OpenTable app allows customers to quickly and conveniently make restaurant reservations without making a phone call. Customers simply enter in the date, the number of people in their party, and the desired time, and the OpenTable app brings up available restaurants in real time. The app also allows customers to view menus, see reviews, and include notes with reservations (helpful if, for example, you’d like to let the restaurant know that it’s your dining companion’s birthday). OpenTable can help customers make reservations at over 20,000 restaurants—make sure your restaurant is one of them if you want to reach the maximum amount of customers!


The popular review site is also a super-convenient app. Customers can do basically everything they would do on Yelp’s website, including reading and writing restaurant reviews. They can search for restaurants by price point, type of food, and more. Customers can also check in to restaurants and share their whereabouts on Facebook and Twitter. Yelp also works with OpenTable to make reservations.


Foodspotting focuses on specific dishes, not restaurants, which means that customers could find you if you’re known for having the best steak in the neighborhood or the best pizza in town. Foodspotting is unique for another reason, as well; it’s visual. Customers can upload pictures of delicious dishes they’ve had and browse through other users’ photos. Customers can look up locations, specific restaurants, or search by dish. They can also easily connect with Instagram and share their photos there.


The Urbanspoon app might be best known for its slot machine feature—if diners can’t decide where to go, they simply shake their phones and let the app decide for them! However, Urbanspoon has a lot more going on than random restaurant selection. Much like other restaurant finding apps, diners can filter by neighborhood, price, or style of food. The app can also find restaurants nearby. Not only does Urbanspoon share other diners’ reviews, it also shares ratings and reviews from newspapers and professional reviewers. This means that if you got a great review in a local paper, customers can find out about it with Urbanspoon.


At $9.99, the Zagat app might seem a little pricey—but it’s actually a great deal when you compare it to the cost of buying the printed Zagat guide every year. Zagat features concise, clear reviews and an intense rating system (restaurants are rated on food, décor, and service on a scale of one to 30). Customers like the Zagat app because it’s a respected, trustworthy name. However, Zagat doesn’t exist everywhere, so if you’re not in a major city, you might not be on the list.

Deciding where to eat dinner can be a tough choice, but these apps make it easier for customers to figure out where they want to go. Hopefully, they’ll help customers decide to check out your restaurant!

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