Social Media For Restaurants: 4 Networks You Need

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With new social media sites sprouting like weeds, it can be overwhelming to figure out which to focus your time and energy on. Based off a recent survey from the National Restaurant Association, the top four social media sites that customers use are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


After Myspace, Facebook took control of social media and has not let go. 67% of internet users visit Facebook regularly so you’ll want to start here.

Beneficial Features:

  • About section. Publish a full biography including contact information about your bar or restaurant
  • Large images. Facebook’s platform is great for posting pictures. Take a snapshot of your daily special or fun events!
  • Advertise. Facebook Ads allow you to target your specific demographic while also setting a specific budget.


Next in line is Twitter. Quick and to the point. Reach out and communicate with others in real time. While Facebook may be used for many of the same purposes, Twitter is much quicker.

Beneficial Features:

  • Break the news. Let your followers know what is happening when it happens. Twitter is instantaneous and will reach your followers faster than any other social networks.
  • Get feedback. Twitter is also a great place to get feedback and learn about your customers.
  • Utilize hashtags. Hashtags (commonly known as the pound sign) on Twitter are a great system to take advantage of. Using hashtags will increase the reach of your tweet and also increase the chances of your tweet being seen.


Like it? Then pin it! Pinterest is a great way to tell your story using pictures. Pinterest allows you to collect, organize and pin pictures to boards.

Beneficial Features:

  • Organize. Pinterest allows you to organize your photos into similar groups called “boards.” This allows you to “build” a message, theme or group similar photos together.
  • Get customer’s mouths watering. Restaurants using Pinterest can organize a page by posting enticing photos with brief descriptions about menu items. This can also include recipes to popular items!
  • Go beyond food. Your restaurant should be about more than just food. Feature boards that tell your brand story, values and mission.


Pictures speak a thousand words – and Instagram is the poor man’s photography studio. Instagram gives users the ability to apply different filters to  photos. There are no groups or “boards” like with Pinterest, however, Instagram is easily integrated into Facebook and Twitter, giving pictures extra exposure on the different social networks.

Beneficial Features:

  • Customers. Featuring customers enjoying their meals or drinks, or sharing images that customers have taken of your establishment are a great way to draw attention to your restaurant.
  • Show your atmosphere. Show pictures of the atmosphere of your restaurant. You can show actual customers enjoying a dining experience. The filters provided by Instagram will allow you to spruce it up a bit.
  • Aesthetics. You don’t necessarily have to show pictures related to your food. What’s the atmosphere like in your restaurant? What about the scenery?

Remember social media is a great way advertise. Follow some of these tips and utilize them to increase followers and customers. But don’t be afraid to be creative and innovative. Also, remember most social media sites can be synced together and its alright if some of your pages overlap.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure you have time to keep up with all of these networks, check out our post on 15 Tips to Market Your Bar or Restaurant in 15 Minutes or Less.

Which social media sites are you using?

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