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10 Of Our Favorite Funny, Clever And Outrageous Chalkboard Signs

We’ve always enjoyed coming across clever chalkboard signs so we thought we would share our favorites with you! As you scroll through the list, keep in mind these four ways chalkboard signs are helping attract foot traffic. Read More >>

8 Ways To Make Your Restaurant Family Friendly

When a family comes into your restaurant, how do you and your staff react? Are you already annoyed, anticipating the extra mess and possible screaming tantrums? Read these tips and tricks for some ideas to make your restaurant more family friendly! Read More >>

How To Increase Repeat Customers At Your Bar Or Restaurant

Bringing in new customers is important…but what’s even more important? Turning those new customers into repeat visitors! Read More >>

How To Quickly Deal With Customer Complaints In Your Restaurant

Unresolved customer complaints can have a devastating impact on restaurants, making it essential to address customer complaints quickly. A study by the Technical Assistance Research Programs Institute reveals that up to 70 percent of complainers will return to your business if the complaint is resolved, and up to 95 percent will return if the problem is resolved in a timely fashion. Read More >>

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