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Nearly everyone is on Facebook, and if you want to run a successful business your business has to be on Facebook as well. Many business owners can see this as just another chore, but having a successful Facebook presence can increase revenue as well as your customer base. If done right, using Facebook for bar marketing can be easy, and profitable. Read More >

Instagram, a photo sharing platform that reached 50 million users in just two years, is a great way to reach potential customers by showcasing daily specials or mouth-watering photos of signature dishes. You can reach customers before they step foot into your establishment. Read More >

Along with factors related to location, concept and marketing, one of the keys to determining a restaurant or bar’s success is the quality of its staff. How well a kitchen and dining room functions on a daily basis impacts just about everything the business is trying to accomplish. Here are few things to keep in mind as you tackle the search and interview process for new management: Read More >

Restaurant and bar owners are often looking for ways to boost sales by increasing foot traffic. Here are a few simple ideas to get folks through the door in creative, unique and engaging ways. Read More >

According to a recent article, women account for more than 65% of users of the 11 million unique visitors each month.  In addition, consumers are 70% more likely to purchase an item from Pinterest than if they came across it on the company website. Incorporating what appears to be the fastest-growing social media site into your marketing strategy is an effective tool to add to your arsenal. Read More >

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