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Facebook Marketing Tips For Bars And Restaurants

Virtually everyone uses social media, more than half of Americans have an online profile, and nearly a quarter use social networking multiple times a day. Try these ideas to promote your bar or restaurant on Facebook! Read More >>

Fun Holiday Promotion Ideas For Your Restaurant

It’s a great time of year to run a few extra promotions and attract new customers. We have a few simple ideas for you to try out this year as you look to increase holiday traffic in your bar or restaurant! Read More >>

Host A Beer Tasting Event To Increase Business At Your Bar

Beer is the new wine—at least, when it comes to tasting events.  Not only are you hosting a fun event that will bring in customers for the evening, but you’re hopefully introducing customers to new beers they’d love to come back and order again. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re planning your own beer tasting. Read More >>

Why Digital Signage Is A Must-Have Tool For Today’s Bars And Restaurants

Digital signage has proven itself as both a cost-effective and an innovative way for bars and restaurants to improve the customer experience and overall bottom-line. More and more bars and restaurants across the U.S. are embracing digital signage as the technology evolves, making it both more affordable and user-friendly than ever before. Read More >>

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