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Tune in each week to catch the top trending bar and restaurant articles of the week.

50 Bar Promotions You Won’t Want to Miss

With the overwhelming variety of entertainment options available to consumers in today’s market, the ability to implement successful promotions has become more crucial than ever.  With unique ideas like flash happy hour, beer tastings, and local charity fundraising events, you will gain more loyal customers, keep your existing customers come back more frequently, and increase the value of each customer transaction. Read More >>

Infographic: 2013 Bar & Restaurant Marketing Trends

Today, smart restaurant marketers focus on building relationships and creating meaningful interactions by engaging audiences through multiple channels. This infographic shows the Top Restaurant Marketing Trends of 2013 to help you target consumers in smart and influential ways, allowing for stronger brand interaction and increased levels of audience engagement. Read More >>

The Secrets to Hiring a New Bar/Restaurant Manager

Along with factors related to location, concept and marketing, one of the keys to determining a restaurant or bar’s success is the quality of its staff. Here are few things to keep in mind as you tackle the search and interview process for new management. Read More >>

Effective Ways to Use Instagram for Your Bar or Restaurant

So, your bar or restaurant is doing well, but you keep hearing the relentless buzzword “social media.” You are eager to jump on this social media train – but where do you start? Facebook and Twitter are great places to start, but recently Instagram has taken center stage in the social media sphere. Its proven success led to a recent acquisition by Facebook for $750 million. Read More >>

5 Ways to Show Appreciation on National Waiters and Waitress Day

May 21st was National Waiters and Waitress Day. Lets be honest, it’s not always easy being a server. They work hard to represent their restaurant and keep customers happy. A positive dining experience begins and ends with excellent service. Make sure the waiters and waitresses out there get the respect they deserve.  Read More >>

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