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10 Crazy And Unique Restaurant Themes

Every good restaurant has a hook that brings people in and keeps them coming back. For some, it’s exotic food. For others, it’s a unique variety of cocktails. These ten restaurants truly stand out and provide an overall experience unlike any other. Read More >>

iPad Menus: A Fad Or The Future For Bars And Restaurants?

Bars and restaurants everywhere are continuing to go digital — including iPad menus at the table. But how big is this trend and will it eventually replace paper menus in every bar or restaurant? Many believe they will but perhaps not so quickly. Read More >>

How Bars And Restaurants Can Monetize Through Yelp

There is no goal more important in the current financial climate than for every business to increase its turnover and to attract new customers. Every sector of the economy is feeling the burden and the extra stresses being exerted by the financial downturn. From the countless online platforms vying for attention, Yelp is the one which has generated perhaps the greatest impact in the restaurant industry. Read More >>

Restaurant Chains: Promotions That Work

You know there’s a lot of competition out there for consumers’ dining dollars. Your customers can choose to eat their meals anywhere, so how do you convince them to pick your chain restaurant? They key is in your promotion. By following these tips and taking some advice from popular chains, you can put your restaurant chain on the path to success! Read More >>

How To Get First Time Customers Through Your Door

The number of people trying new restaurants has dropped since last year. Thus, making it harder to attract first time customers. With less money in their wallets, people are sticking with who they know and trust. Read More >>

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