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6 Things Restaurant Servers Should Never Do

Your servers have more interaction with customers than anyone else. If your servers are well-trained, helpful, and friendly, this can be a good thing. Of course you want your servers to help your business, not harm it, so make sure they avoid doing the following things. Read More >>

8 Tips For Creating Awesome Customer Loyalty

While finding new customers is something your bar or restaurant should strive to do, creating and maintaining a loyal customer base is of utmost importance.  Here are eight steps to help you develop that customer base. Read More >>

How To Deal With Restaurant Customers Who Won’t Leave

Every restaurant wants its seats filled with satisfied customers. But what do you do when customers are just a little too satisfied? Customers who linger far too long can be a real problem for any restaurant. Read More >>

New Study: Alcohol Prices Rise At Restaurants And Bars

Thrifty customers looking for a cheap night out are used to ordering more wallet-friendly beers. But according to Restaurant News, alcohol prices are going up, especially for mass-market beers. Read More >>

Chain Restaurants Reveal 5 Sizzling Marketing And Promotion Strategies

America’s restaurant chains are pulling out all of the stops to stay ahead of the competition and grab more market share of the $660 billion industry.

Here’s a look at five sizzling marketing strategies offered by major chain restaurants, everything from chef-inspired recipes and full-course meals for one low price, to health-conscious kid’s meals. Read More >>

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