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4 Factors That Attract Millennials To A Restaurant

This young generation is watching their wallet, and being more cautious about their spending. So what exactly is this group of 80 million up-and-comers looking for when deciding where to eat? Read More >>

6 Ways To Deal With Unruly Customers

Whether they’re crying babies, an arguing couple, or a loud group of drunk college students, unruly customers can be hard to handle. But how do you handle unruly customers without being unnecessarily rude or causing even more of a scene? Read on for a few tips. Read More >>

11 Must Follow Tips For Starting Your Own Restaurant

If you are one of the many people who have worked in the restaurant or the fast food business, you might just be one of the 46% who also dream of owning your own restaurant someday. If you want to succeed, you need to work hard for it. Start off on the right foot with these 11 tips. Read More >>

31 August Marketing Ideas For Your Bar Or Restaurant

Summer will be coming to a close before you know it, but there are still a couple more months of beautiful weather ahead. You need to think in advance to plan a successful marketing strategy, so were giving you almost a month to plan for August! Read More >>

5 Ways Restaurants Can Leverage The New Instagram Videos

Recently, Instagram introduced its new video feature. Users of Instagram can now take videos up to 15 seconds long. Follow these tips to learn in-depth and action packed way to show off your restaurant. Read More >>

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