How to Transform a Bar into an Entertainment Hot Spot

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What do you do when you decide to give your restaurant a major facelift? You put on your thinking cap (and your hard hat) to create an experience that stands out against the competition. The Shannon’smanager, Tara Kovatch, wanted to transform her Hoboken, NJ bar into an entertainment hot spot, and she chose Buzztime to help her make it happen.

Her local guests now enjoy playing Buzztime’s trivia, cards and sports games, and Tara was thrilled to find that out-of-town guests like to pop in to play as well. Thanks to Buzztime’s large player community throughout the U.S. and Canada, there are always people who find her bar on and stop by for a game.

While Buzztime delivers fun, exciting games, Tara sees that its real value lies in the social environment it produces. Her players engage with one another and the staff, making the atmosphere friendly and playful. As a result, Buzztime boosted Tara’s happy hour traffic and increased the length of customer visits during the week.

The Shannon has also put on popular trivia competitions during Thanksgiving and Christmas that celebrate guests’ competitive spirit while keeping the spirit of the season alive!

By partnering with Buzztime, Tara has rebranded The Shannon as a go-to place for fun, interactive entertainment, a strategy for success that hits its mark every day of the year. What are you doing to go beyond? Connect with Buzztime today, and let us help you put play to work!

If you’d like to learn more about how your bar or restaurant can go BEOND, click here.

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