Your TVs: The Secret to Creating Diehard Customers

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Having TVs in your bar or restaurant always sounds like a great idea. People can gather with friends to eat and enjoy the big game or relax with a beer to watch the news after a long day at work. TVs are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your customers entertained and coming back without any major effort from you or your employees. Ideal, right?  Well, yes and no.

While having TVs at your location is a smart idea, making them truly beneficial to your business depends on how you utilize them. You could go the route that most bars and restaurants go by just having basic cable and leaving the TVs on the same channel every day, or you could do much more. There are many ways, which you might not even be aware of, to use your TVs as an effective and valuable tool for your business.

Digital Signage

At Buzztime, we encourage bars and restaurants to take advantage of our Digital Signage. With this versatile marketing tool, you have the chance to enhance and personalize the way you interact and communicate with the guests at your bar or restaurant. Buzztime’s Digital Signage allows you to create and control your own customized TV ads to promote the latest happenings at your location. This way, locations can use their TVs to advertise popular menu items, special offers, events and anything else they can think of! Digital Signage ads can be created in-venue by uploading pictures and messages to quickly appear on the screens; we also offer the knowledge and expertise of our Account Executives to help develop custom ads at no extra cost.

Digital Signage

Entertainment: Digital Games & Trivia

With Buzztime, TVs are also used as entertainment in the form digital games and live trivia, which are a digital version of classic pub trivia in a dynamic, pause-able format. Guests don’t need to bring anything – not even a pen and paper – as they play through your TVs and Playmakers. Offering free entertainment is just one of the enticing aspects that makes digital games and trivia appeal to all types of people. It can be a great way for customers to participate in  good clean competition amongst friends and exercise the brain. Trivia is also enjoyable because it can break up the monotony of the work week while providing a nice social atmosphere for coworkers to bond outside of work.

Digital Signage 

[pullquote]”Buzztime creates a community in the restaurant. Something as simple as a hard trivia question will start a conversation among customers… Buzztime is excellent entertainment… [and] the customers really pay attention to anything we promote on the TVs.” -Carol Daughtery, of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s [/pullquote]Having TVs at your bar or restaurant gives you a unique marketing tool to interact with your customers in a fun and exciting way and can truly can give you a leg up on your local competition. But why settle for being better when you can go above and beyond to become the best. Make your TVs work for you in creative ways and take advantage of a captive audience to make your customers eager to return time and time again!

In what ways do you use your TVs to engage with your customers?

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