7 Twitter Best Practices For Your Restaurant

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Undoubtedly, Twitter has taken over social media. The speed in which information is transferred has increased more and more with advances in technology, and all Twitter did was step on the gas peddle. It has become a channel for even the smallest business to have its voice heard. It is also a great outlet to sit back and see what is being said. Some restaurants will even feature a live twitter feed on a TV screen in their establishment. With about 340 million tweets being sent each day, your business better have an active account.

Follow these best practices to engage with potential customers.


Make use of Twitter’s hashtag feature as much as possible. This will get your brand name out and about in the Twitter world. By placing a hashtag before certain keywords, your tweet will be included in a search of tweets with that keyword. You can tweet about things related to your restaurant and industry, or even things totally unrelated. Just putting a hashtag and the name of your city at the end of a tweet would be beneficial.


Did someone tweet about your restaurant, something interesting or news worthy? Retweet it. This is a fast and easy way to gain some extra attention. Go ahead and show off, let others know that you are being talked about.

Add a Bio 

Make sure that fill out your bio on your twitter page. This includes your location, a link to your website, links to some of your other social media pages, and some basic information about your your food. This will help instill some brand knowledge into those who view your page for the first time.

Sync with Instagram

If your restaurant is using Instagram, which it should be, go ahead and sync your Instagram page with your Twitter account. This will automatically add any picture you post on Instagram, to your Twitter feed. Instagram also uses the hashtag feature, so include some hashtags to the photos that you share.

Be Consistent

It is extremely important to remain consistent with your Twitter account. It may take some time to attract and maintain followers, but nothing will hurt worse than to drop off the table for a couple of days or weeks. Find some patterns and methods that produce some results and stick to them for a while. It will take some persistence, but eventually you will find what works best for you.


If others include your restaurant in a hashtag or tweet to you, make sure to tweet them back and start a conversation. Show your customers that you are involved, listening, and truly care what they have to say.  Also, depending on who is following you, it may be beneficial to follow back your followers.

Post Interesting and Useful Information

92% of retweets are based on interesting content. Post information that will intrigue your followers and increase your chances of being retweeted. This also will increase your chances of gaining more followers. You could tweet cooking tips, recipes, or how to mix a special cocktail. Also if you have any specials going on that week, do a little advertising and tweet about it. This is a great way to encourage customers to stop in.

The speed at which Twitter operates and spreads information makes this a very powerful social network. Try to stay current with your page and respond to your followers as fast as possible. Most importantly, stay committed and results, followers, and customers will come. So get out there and start tweeting!

Are you using Twitter to the fullest?

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