Is Twitter Really Worth My Time?

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In the early days of Twitter, it was very closely associated with the nonsensical ramblings of celebrities. Because of that, it was probably tempting to write off the platform as valuable for helping market your bar or restaurant.

But we’re here to tell you that Justin Bieber’s sneaker-shopping updates are no reason to shy away from Twitter. The platform has evolved in a way that makes it one of the best tools that a bar or restaurant can harness! Along with Facebook, the platform just might be the most indispensable social media tool at your disposal. The fact people use the site to share the most mundane information about their lives (like Bieb’s Nikes) tells you how ingrained Twitter has become in the online habits of Americans.

Armed with that information there are numerous ways to leverage the site for your restaurant’s marketing efforts.

Customer Engagement

This is probably the most natural use for Twitter. Whether it’s answering basic questions or responding to a customer service concern, Twitter provides a level of immediate personal connection that is difficult (if not impossible) to find anywhere online.

Market Research

Have you always suspected there was a reason you were losing Happy Hour customers to the place across the street? Twitter might be a way to get some answers. The site’s search features allow you to eavesdrop on what is being said by customers about you and the competition. It can give you real-time insight as to what people like (and don’t like) about what your bar or restaurant is doing.

Brand Marketing

Simply by maintaining a presence on Twitter you are helping to build awareness and loyalty for your brand. The more interaction you have with customers, potential customers and others in the industry, the more you are working to establish and develop your brand.

Solicit Feedback

Are you unsure what band to hire for the next big bash? How about which drink special to highlight this weekend? All you have to do is ask. Twitter provides quick access to input that could prove invaluable as you make some of the day-to-day management decisions.

Keep in mind this is merely a brief overview of the ways Twitter will be of use to your business. When you jump into the process you’ll need to do some additional research. The bottom line is that you simply cannot pass on the opportunities the platform provides.

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