The Best Ways to Build Culture at Your Bar

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Does your bar have culture? Do customers get a certain vibe from you when they walk in the door, or is your bar just a blank slate? Does your bar have a specific mood, or do customers have a hard time describing it to their friends? If you fear your bar might be low on culture, don’t worry—there are a few easy ways you can fix it! Keep reading to learn how you can build culture at your bar.

Focus on your brand.

What are your bar’s unique features? What is the feeling like in your bar? Can your customers easily describe what your bar is all about? If you have a strong, easily definable brand, your bar will definitely have more culture. Make sure everything in your bar works toward showcasing your brand, from your bartenders’ uniforms to your drink menus.

Décor and sound.

Plain walls and generic music don’t exactly scream culture, do they? Make sure your décor matches your brand, and try to up your culture quotient. Instead of basic artwork, why not hang up art by local artists? And be sure the music you play fits your brand, as well. Live events, like concerts, can also boost your bar’s culture.

Build community.

One of the best ways to create a thriving culture in your bar is by creating a strong community. However, you can’t do that if there’s no reason for customers to come in regularly. What makes customers come back again and again? Games! BEOND LIVE offers trivia and arcade games that will engage your customers and bring out their competitive sides. But don’t think that your customers have to be geniuses if they want to have a good time. With OpinoNation LIVE, customers don’t have to have the right answers—they just have to have the most popular ones! OpinioNation can help your bar create a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Keep an eye on your staff.

Are your staff members friendly, warm, and inviting? Or are they bored and keeping one eye on the clock? A bartender who isn’t interested in getting to know customers won’t be very good at building culture. Train your staff members to treat customers like friends.

Culture is a tricky thing to pin down, but by following these tips, you can turn your bar from a blank slate into a culture-filled hot spot! What do you do to build culture at your bar?

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