The Weekly Bar and Restaurant Twitter Roundup

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The Weekly Bar & Restaurant Twitter Roundup

A weekly roundup of hand picked bar and restaurant industry tweets. Click through and enjoy news, tips and marketing ideas.

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5 Marketing Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make | eateria | Restaurant Marketing #paperliDonald Burns
#Foodcost tip: Use“first in / first out” system for all inventory, ensures items don’t sit on the shelf and spoil. Said
The Number One Complaint of All Guests Everywhere – #BetterIdeas Marketing
Many restaurants focus on high & low tech cost effective ways to bolster training programs. Briefing
6 steps to take when health inspector arrives Restaurant Assn
WSVN-TV – Restaurant employee rewarded for honest deed Farley
Keep your customers informed of events & specials w/ these steps to create an effective #newsletter via @BuzztimeBiz: International
Restaurants meet consumer demand for superfoods Lane
Mad Men Push The Resurgence Of Classic Cocktails:
Being firm with demanding customers – how far can you go? – Burgin

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