Why Your Customers Love to Dine Outside

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For many people, sunshine and warm weather mean one thing: patio season! When summer’s on its way, customers don’t want to be cooped up inside for every meal. Instead, they want to enjoy the fresh air and soak up the vitamin D on their favorite restaurant’s patio. But what is it about eating outside that just makes food taste better? Here are some of the elements that make dining al fresco so irresistible.

A view.

No matter how lovely the inside of your restaurant is, you’re still limited by the four walls around you. When you place customers outside, you can maximize their dining experience by giving them something new to look at. An eating area on the roof of a restaurant can offer a beautiful view of the city, while a patio on the street can afford your diners some quality people-watching. And, if your restaurant is lucky enough to be on the water, of course you’ll have a spectacular view.


Not lucky enough to have a pond or forest nearby? Even if your view’s not so hot, you can still help your customers feel like they’re enjoying nature by including as much greenery as you can. Place potted trees around, put flowers on the tables, or include hanging baskets.

A buffer for loud noises.

When customers are inside, a screaming baby can make enjoying a meal impossible, and a loud band can make it hard to hear friends. Those same noises become much less annoying outside, when they’re no longer bouncing off the walls. Outdoor dining is perfect for anyone who’s likely to be noisy, whether that’s a family with small children or a group of drunken frat brothers. A patio is also the perfect spot for a band…customers will be able to feel like they’re at a concert while still enjoying conversation.

It’s romantic.

Of course, this depends on the set-up your patio has, but many people equate dining outdoors with the sophistication of a French bistro. You can play this up by decorating with lots of candles and playing romantic music.

It’s comfortable.

By moving dining outside, you have fewer rules. For instance, you might hesitate to place a fire pit in the middle of your restaurant, but your customers will probably love one on the patio for nights that get chilly. And try offering some outdoor couches or lounge chairs where customers can relax with drinks if they don’t feel like grabbing a table. Customers often enjoy the patio because it feels more casual than being inside a restaurant.

With summer right around the corner, many customers want to dine al fresco as often as possible. If you want to offer an outdoor dining experience they’ll will love, keep these ideas in mind.

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