How to WOW Your Customers with THEIR Credit Card

 In Bar & Restaurant Operations, Customer Service

To the seasoned service professionals among you, this will not be a useful blog post because chances are that you already practice what we’re about to preach.

There can be few things your customers do more often in your bar/restaurant (apart from eating and drinking!) than handing over their credit/debit card for payment. This transaction has become so normal and such a part of your business that it can be easy to overlook the wow and marketing potential contained therein!

Years ago, a piece of wisdom from a restaurant manager was shared: “get all of the customers names, all of the time“. The restaurant manager maintained that it would never fail to amaze them if you greeted or bid goodbye to them using their name. He was right. Most customers will do a double take when they leave, wondering how they knew you! Getting their names was often as easy as looking at the credit card they handed you for payment. How simple is that?

It’s a small detail but another simple way to wow the customer with very little effort. One warning though, when handing back the credit card to Mr. Smith and his female companion, never thank Mr. & Mrs. Smith because she may not be Mrs. Smith!

What are some other small things that can be done in your bar or restaurant that will have a large impact on the customer? Share them in the comments section below!

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