Yelp Now Offering Food-Delivery Service

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Yelp is now known as one of the top review sites that provides a connection between people and local business. Yelp makes it easy for customers to make an informed decision about any business, product or service. Yelp is also a good tool for bars and restaurants to use to hear what people are saying about their service and food.

Yelp has now evolved into a source of information about any local business for people with its solid and extensive database of local businesses with complete information about services offered and reviews from customers. On July 9th, the site took another big leap and announced they are rolling out new features for ordering food and booking reservations. For example, you could book a yoga class, a dentist or salon appointment.

This service will also allow customers to order food from their favorite local restaurant. This makes life easy for people who want to look at the menus of different local restaurants at the same time before making a decision. Instead of visiting a number of different restaurant websites in your area, you can just visit Yelp, search for local restaurants, look into their services, read reviews about the food, make you decision, and order it on the same site. Easy!

Initially, Yelp allows customers to order delivery from the restaurants that are supported by Eat24 and This makes it possible for customers to order from thousands of restaurants that are listed on Yelp. The service is available on the main Yelp website and the iOS platform. Android users still have to wait for a few days as they are still working on the Android app.

According to the Senior PR Manager, Kristen Whisenand, Yelp is now “evolving into a place from where people can buy stuff instead of just discovering and exploring local businesses.” This allows a better connection between people and local business with smooth and quick transaction of payment from customers to businesses.

The two other food delivery websites and competitors of Yelp, Seamless and GrubHub are also planning to merge in coming days. Last year, both sites delivered food orders of more than 850 million dollars for thousands of restaurants and are already earning annual revenue of more than 100 million dollars.

People, who already trust Yelp for the information on businesses, services and products can now use the site in more convenient way with the launch of the new delivery and appointment features.

What are your thoughts? Would you use Yelp’s new features?

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