Buzztime Live

Say goodbye to slow weeknights with Buzztime’s live events

Do you want your Tuesday and Wednesday nights to keep being the slow drag they are, week in and week out? Of course you don’t. Say goodbye to slow weeknights with Buzztime’s live bar events. Turn that tricky Tuesday in an action-packed epic games night, and draw younger crowds than you’ve ever seen in your bar. Live events on our trivia platform can revitalize your establishment and hook customers into coming back again and again. Read more

Make ordinary nights extraordinary with in-venue LIVE events and entertainment.
White our BEOND platform, teams can play on-demand scheduled
events on our Playmaker® Tablets or their smartphones.
Guests can play along or follow the action on your TV screens.

When you invest in Buzztime, you invest in an event infrastructure tailored to make your business a glowing success. Don’t think that all the hard work is left up to you – with over 3.5 million PlayersPlus members, the Buzztime network comes preloaded with a guaranteed loyal customer base and calendar. Read more