Partners in Your Profitability: Buzztime Tabletop Ordering and NCR’s Aloha POS

Play Buzztime bar trivia with your favorite appetizers

The Aloha POS from NCR becomes even more powerful when you bring Buzztime handheld tablets into the mix! As an authorized NCR Hospitality Technology Partner, Buzztime’s tabletop dining and digital menu technology solutions seamlessly integrate with the Aloha POS. Explore what Buzztime brings to YOUR table:

  • Pay at the Table: Guests can check out right on the EMV-capable Buzztime Tablet
  • Entertainment: Wait time becomes play time as guests tap into Buzztime’s vault of on-tablet games and trivia
  • Dynamic Digital Menu: Dynamic Digital Menu Easily create a digital touchscreen version of your menu customized with your brand

Turn Tables Faster. Make Guests Happier

Like your best server, the Buzztime Tablet is wired to please guests and drive up sales. Here’s how tabletop ordering boosts business and delights guests:

upsell customers to see more profits

Easy Upselling

Customers are shown add-ons with each digital menu item which adds excitement and novelty to ordering – guests are wired to indulge and pile on the extras.

Use the Buzztime tablet to send orders to the kitchen

New Level of Accuracy

From grain-free to extra dressing, the Buzztime Tablet is always accurate and timely! Orders and reorders are sent straight to the kitchen.

Improve efficiency with Buzztime tablets

Lower Labor Costs

Enjoy reduced labor costs as fewer servers are needed to cover tables because the Buzztime Tablet manages tabletop ordering and payment.

Guests can play games on the Buzztime tablet while they wait for their orders

Play Time

No more bored guests! With endless entertainment at their fingertips, guests are too busy playing to realize they’re waiting.

Upgrade Their Dining Experience

Watch Guests Return for More

Buzztime and NCR’s Aloha POS empower you to super-serve guests by giving them more than a meal. With Buzztime digital menu and tabletop ordering, you’re giving guests what they crave: entertainment, convenience, and control. It’s an experience that boosts loyalty and drives repeat business for the 3,000 bars and restaurants that carry Buzztime.

Customize menus on the Buzztime Tablet

The Buzz About Buzztime From Satisfied Venues

Buzztime brings in new customers and new business. With the tablets we have something to offer them that our competitors do not.

– Old Chicago

Stand Out in the Crowded Restaurant Scene

Get ahead of the competition by integrating the latest technology into your business from NCR and Buzztime. Digital menu and tabletop ordering capabilities will set you apart from the rest – while delivering unprecedented guest satisfaction.

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