Entertainment Tablet Technology. The Perfect Mix of Fun & Functionality


Digital Entertainment

Bring More to the Table. And YOUR Bottom Line

Tired of low guest satisfaction? Even lower profits? Give guests Buzztime tablets. Then watch what happens. Smiles get bigger and checks get larger…by an average of $5 per Buzztime player. With instant access to action-packed gaming, wait time becomes play time – and pay time for you.


The Future Has Arrived…Tableside

Give guests what they crave: digital control of their experience. Buzztime’s Self Service Platform empowers customers to order from a custom menu, reorder on demand, and securely checkout. Tables turn faster and guest satisfaction skyrockets. Buzztime tablets never replace personal service, they enhance it.


Promotional Partnerships

Align Your Business Buzzworthy Brands

Be their hero. Connect customers to serious perks from our ever-growing partner network. How? Give ‘em Buzztime tablets – we do the rest. Offers instantly appear on-tablet: free tickets, trials, and chances to win bucket list trips. Plus, our partners promote venues that offer Buzztime to millions of their fans, sending new customers directly to YOU. 

Live Hosted Trivia

Turn Slow Nights to WHOA! Nights

Weeknight trivia events are trending with customers. They love escaping the midweek blues – and so will you. Buzztime makes it easy to host live trivia nights on tabletop tablets. No need to hire overpriced trivia hosts. No outdated questions. Just endless, addictive trivia that draws a crowd on “weak” nights.  

Buzztime myzone ads are always on screen and run all day!

Digital Signage

Turn Your TVs to Billboards

Change the channel on high marketing costs…switch to Buzztime! In a few simple steps, your TVs become eye-catching digital signage promoting your venue, special offers, events – whatever you want! Studies show digital signage increases check averages by 21%…so consider this a sign to try Buzztime.

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