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Single-Player Arcade Games on Buzztime Tablets

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Buzztime Single Player Games =

6.5 million games played per month

In addition to 15 hours of programmed trivia on the Buzztime network, did you know there is an on-demand suite of single-player arcade games for players of all ages and skill levels? It’s right on the tablets you’re already offering and it’s perfect for families dining together, trivia players between rounds, sports fans during commercials and anyone looking to fill downtime with fun.


From challenging puzzle classics to exciting role playing journeys, these single-player games attract more than your typical trivia fans, they are are another option for anyone dining out or socializing at a Buzztime location. With gameplay bound to be familiar to anyone who plays social games on mobile phones, the accessible, easy-to-learn objectives and irresistible repeat plays of these titles make them easy to be enjoyed by single players or with groups of family and friends. Keep a wide audience engaged in your location, whether they play while they wait for their food or check to arrive or stay longer and order more to keep the gameplay going.

Following are some of the new and popular games we offer:

Pigsy Dream Game and Icon in Tablet
PIGSY DREAM: Controlling the characters of this “endless runner” game with the touch of a finger will make your Buzztime tablets difficult to put down.
Rally Race Game and Icon in Tablet
RALLY RACE: Entertain your guests with a fast-paced, appetite-building racing game to make food and drinks sales rise with the excitement of increasing scores.
Tasty Fruit Game and Icon in Tablet
TASTY FRUITS: Easy to learn but difficult to master, this Match Three game is one of the most popular genres of mobile games. Patrons get hooked on this game!
Tower Breaker Game and Icon in Tablet
TOWER BREAKER: Appeal to the aspiring architects at your tables with this action physics puzzle game that requires wing-dipping hand-eye coordination to perfectly land cannon shots.
The Wordies Game and Icon in Tablet
THE WORDIES: From beginning spellers to word game masters, anyone in the family can step up to the challenge of combining letters to make words and score points.
Sky Knight Game and Icon on Tablet
SKY KNIGHT: Create a friendly competition between your patrons as they try to blast away as many enemies as possible in this traditional shoot-em-up.

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