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Jay Boyd, Beef ‘o’ Brady’s

How do you take a slow Wednesday night at your bar and make it the second most profitable night, week after week? For Jay Boyd, Owner of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Apollo Beach, FL, the answer was Buzztime’s Trivia LIVE. By inviting his guests to an evening of friendly live trivia competition, Jay increased sales 20 – 25% and boosted visits by 40% on Wednesdays alone!


Jay’s first step was to get the word out on Buzztime’s trivia, cards and sports games—and his live trivia night. He placed fliers in to-go meal bags and at local events and schools, promoted via social media, and advertised in-venue with Buzztime’s Digital Signage ads on his TVs. Finally, he partnered with local businesses that donated prizes to fuel his guests’ competitive spirit.


The response was incredible. Not only are Jay’s new players returning, but his bar regulars have also embraced live trivia. It isn’t abnormal for 50 – 60 players to participate on any given Wednesday—and with a sales increase from an average of 1 pitcher/night/regular customer to 2 – 3 pitchers/night on Wednesdays, the numbers added up fast!


“The great thing about Buzztime LIVE over other companies,” Jay notes, “is that, for around the same price, you also have access to trivia and Digital Signage on the TVs 24-7.”


Jay took advantage of Trivia LIVE from Buzztime to create a weekly tradition that keeps guests coming back and sales soaring high. What are you doing to go beyond? Partner with Buzztime to see how we put play to work for you!

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