Browse through the testimonials and you’ll quickly see a common thread – Buzztime is a surefire way to drive profits and is a total no-brainer for these owners. The atmosphere and energy of your local watering hole can make or break the success of your bar or restaurant, so it’s better to have a sure bet with Buzztime. Buzztime players spend more – an average of $5 per session of tablet play*, stay longer (27 minutes longer*), return often, and rave about the experience. You need restaurant promotion ideas to make your new joint catch on like wildfire? Here’s an idea – solve your problem with fun. Fun backed by decades of happy customers and steady profits. What are you waiting for? Don’t be the bar that closed up shop. Be the bar where the fun doesn’t stop.

  • We host and promote fun Buzztime events throughout the month, to support the games and generate more business. We see an increase of sales on Buzztime game nights by 10%. The more players you have engaged in Buzztime, whether they are playing Hold ‘Em Poker or trivia, the more they are going to spend on food and drinks so it is a win-win situation for us.

    Michael Manzuk - Owner Chicago Loop
  • We had an overall gameplay increase of 43% in just one month! We also realized we had such a demand for Buzztime that the 10 original tablets were not enough and we had to order another 10!

    Brittany Williams - Owner Jackpot Saloon
  • Our customers love Buzztime, especially poker. We added a popular weekly Buzztime poker event and are seeing 10% more sales on Thursdays.

    Michael Culver - Owner Helix Sports Spirits and Snacks
  • We were excited to see that players were coming in all day to play Buzztime, which increased their bills with food and drinks. We even had players coming from 30 miles away to help us try to become Buzztime’s Smartest Bar!

    Frank Pestarino - General Manager Rockin Crepes

As an experienced entrepreneur and bar or restaurant owner, you know that the restaurant promotion ideas you feel good about are the ones that your peers recommend. Don’t take our word that Buzztime brings in hoards of customers night after night. Trust the word of people just like you. Bar owners can’t stop singing the praises of Buzztime’s interactive and ingenious trivia games that bring customers together and rev up sales.

BEOND owners, like Byron Kirk of Old Chicago in Evansville, IN, see the incredible potential to be tapped in creating Buzztime promotions and live events to draw in crowds of new customers. His customer base is more diverse than he thought possible, and he can latch onto chain-exclusive promotions to couple his original live events for endless fun and fantastic boosts to profit. Crafting an environment of camaraderie and fun is never a bad idea – we give you the tools to do so and keep business booming at the same time. You don’t have to worry about being caught without the answer to the trivia question – whatever the question, the answer is Buzztime BEOND.



When Rod Ticknor opened his first Native Grill and Wings location in Phoenix in 1997, one of his early moves was to partner with Buzztime. Because Rod had played Buzztime’s trivia, cards and sports games in his native Atlanta, he jumped on the opportunity to entertain guests in his new restaurant.

Over the years, Rod has watched his Buzztime community grow, especially around poker. His card sharks visit an average of 2 to 3 times a week, and stay for anywhere from 2 to 5 hours at a time. Rod sweetens the pot with prizes for high scorers each night and for any player who gets Native Grill and Wings’s name on the national leaderboards.

Rod and his team recognize that guests who play Buzztime are more engaged and stay longer, adding up to better sales (and tips!) all around. Servers have created a rapport with regular players, and managers use Buzztime’s digital TV ads to promote events and specials.

Even for guests that do not play Buzztime directly, Rod has noticed that these customers will often “play along” while waiting for meals, discussing trivia questions of interest. This extra level of entertainment makes the guests’ overall experience more enjoyable and social.

Rod now owns two Native New Yorker locations in Phoenix, where he has found success by rewarding loyal guests and engaging every customer who comes through the door. What are you doing to go beyond? Partner with Buzztime to see how we put play to work for you!



What do you do when you decide to give your restaurant a major facelift? You put on your thinking cap (and your hard hat) to create an experience that stands out against the competition. The Shannon’s manager, Tara Kovatch, wanted to transform her Hoboken, NJ bar into an entertainment hot spot, and she chose Buzztime to help her make it happen.

Her local guests now enjoy playing Buzztime’s trivia, cards and sports games, and Tara was thrilled to find that out-of-town guests like to pop in to play as well. Thanks to Buzztime’s large player community throughout the U.S. and Canada, there are always people who find her bar on Buzztime.com and stop by for a game.

While Buzztime delivers fun, exciting games, Tara sees that its real value lies in the social environment it produces. Her players engage with one another and the staff, making the atmosphere friendly and playful. As a result,Buzztime boosted Tara’s happy hour traffic and increased the length of customer visits during the week.

The Shannon has also put on popular trivia competitions during Thanksgiving and Christmas that celebrate guests’ competitive spirit while keeping the spirit of the season alive!

By partnering with Buzztime, Tara has rebranded The Shannon as a go-to place for fun, interactive entertainment, a strategy for success that hits its mark every day of the year. What are you doing to go beyond? Connect with Buzztime today, and let us help you put play to work!


When Byron Kirk, General Manager of Old Chicago in Evansville, IN, looked for entertainment options for his restaurant patrons, he sought a solution that appealed to all guests, young and old. Weekly live music is a great draw, but Byron wanted to go beyond the expected to give his customers more.

Byron discovered that Buzztime’s trivia, poker and sports games offer a fun, competitive challenge while creating a great social environment. Parents and children team up to play on his “Kids Eat Free Night,” and Byron makes sure that guests return often with other special Buzztime promotions.

This attracts a large, diverse group of players regularly and, by using digital ads on his Buzztime TVs to promote specials, Byron maintains high customer spending.

Buzztime also helped Byron to create competitions that extend beyond his specific location. With chain-exclusive promotions like the annual “Old Chicago’s Beer Trivia Challenge,” Buzztime players can band together to bring victory and local pride to their favorite location.

Not only does Buzztime provide guests with a fun and engaging reason to come back to Old Chicago Evansville, but it’s helped to increase overall traffic by 10 percent! For Byron, Buzztime has fostered valuable interaction among customers and staff, and his recipe for success has the ingredients to make guests of all ages smile. What are you doing to go beyond? Partner with Buzztime to get started today!


How do you take a slow Wednesday night at your bar and make it the second most profitable night, week after week? For Jay Boyd, Owner of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Apollo Beach, FL, the answer was Buzztime’s Trivia LIVE. By inviting his guests to an evening of friendly live trivia competition, Jay increased sales 20 – 25% and boosted visits by 40% on Wednesdays alone!

Jay’s first step was to get the word out on Buzztime’s trivia, cards and sports games—and his live trivia night. He placed fliers in to-go meal bags and at local events and schools, promoted via social media, and advertised in-venue with Buzztime’s Digital Signage ads on his TVs. Finally, he partnered with local businesses that donated prizes to fuel his guests’ competitive spirit.

The response was incredible. Not only are Jay’s new players returning, but his bar regulars have also embraced live trivia. It isn’t abnormal for 50 – 60 players to participate on any given Wednesday—and with a sales increase from an average of 1 pitcher/night/regular customer to 2 – 3 pitchers/night on Wednesdays, the numbers added up fast!

“The great thing about Buzztime LIVE over other companies,” Jay notes, “is that, for around the same price, you also have access to trivia and Digital Signage on the TVs 24-7.”

Jay took advantage of Trivia LIVE from Buzztime to create a weekly tradition that keeps guests coming back and sales soaring high. What are you doing to go beyond? Partner with Buzztime to see how we put play to work for you!


“Going beyond” doesn’t mean you have to make grand gestures to please your customers. For Romy Pagan, Owner and General Manager of Buffalo Wings and Rings in Orlando, Florida, it simply means regularly communicating with her guests to make sure they’re having a remarkable experience every time they visit. This engagement has been a key success factor as Romy has built her own Buzztime community of players.

The communication doesn’t stop with Romy, however. She encourages her staff to engage with customers and invite them to join the action – whether it’s during an exciting competition or a nail-biting round of Countdown trivia. Romy’s team knows how to build engagement around Buzztime, and that makes a huge impact on her bottom line!

Not only does Romy promote Buzztime within her location, but she harnesses the power of social media to make sure her guests have up-to-the-minute information about all of the cool things going on at her location. By leveraging Buzztime digital ads for drink specials on her TVs, creating competitions and working closely with her dedicated account executive, Romy takes communication to the next level – showing her customers that their passion and loyalty are recognized and appreciated.

Romy has found her recipe for success. How do you go beyond?


Let’s be honest. Customers can watch TV at any bar or restaurant, and Josef Gutzmirtl, Director of Operations, at Beyond the Edge in Nashville knows that. This is where Buzztime comes in. By offering Buzztime’s interactive trivia, cards and sports games to forge a community among players and staff, Beyond the Edge has gone, well… beyond, to take their customers’ experience to the next level.

At Beyond the Edge, it’s not out of the ordinary to find staff interacting with their Buzztime regulars even on their day off. Whether it’s a national Showdown trivia tournament or a rowdy daily game of Countdown, Josef’s team is always in the mix, not only rooting players on but also playing along. And that’s exactly the way he likes it!

Since partnering with Buzztime, Josef has seen players visit in large groups, as pairs, and even on their own to engage with the community that has grown within the location, driving more revenue. Even local businesses, such as the Yazoo Brewery, have jumped on board to supply increasingly larger prizes and beer specials during Buzztime competitions, giving them significant market exposure… now that’s what going beyond to empower and excite a community is all about!

Josef has created a recipe for success through hyper-engaged sponsorships and staff. What are you doing to go beyond?

*Independent Arbitron Study, 2008

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