SportsTime2 Bar & Grille

Consider Upgrading From Playmakers to Tablets

Are you keeping up with the technological progress Buzztime is making? Our tablets have so much to offer for your venue. Manager of SportsTime Bar and Grille, Kathy, shows how making the change benefited both her location and her customers:

The tablets offer so much versatility and flexibility to play by yourself or in front of a TV, which is always a plus during football season. From our perspective, the upgrade meant easier storage from the wall mount, giving us more room to work with as a restaurant. The arcade feature and ease of use on the tablets has been a big hit with our players. Both repeat and new customers visit us to keep using the tablets or to check out what they are all about!

If you would like to upgrade, contact your Account Specialist to learn more!

Rockin Crepes

Smartest Bar Competition Success Story

The GM of Rockin Crepes, Frank, has seen first-hand the advantages of organized Buzztime events. In fact, his experience with the Smartest Bar Competition is nothing short of fruitful:

Ordinarily, Sunday mornings are busy for Rockin Crepes with players coming in from 11 am – 2pm to play Buzztime. However, with Buzztime’s Smartest Bar Competition, Sundays became an all-day event. Gameplay increased by 10% over all four weeks of the Sunday competition. We were excited to see that players were coming in all day to play Buzztime, which increased their bills with food and drinks. We even had players coming from 30 miles away to help us try to become Buzztime’s Smartest Bar!

Congrats on such great results, and thanks for helping make the competition a success!


Live Trivia events are simple, easy and successful with Buzztime!

Kevin Fitzpatrick, owner of Harpos in Columbia Missouri, has had Buzztime for a just about a year now. He first heard about Buzztime at the 2015 Nightclub and Bar Trade Show. He signed up for Buzztime because it’s another way to get customers in the bar and allows them to perform a trivia night without much work.

Most of his players are college students as they are located near a university. However, they also have plenty of families who frequent their location. In fact, one family actually stayed 1.5 hours longer and made a comment they would not have stayed if Harpo’s didn’t have Buzztime’s single player games on the tablets available for their kids.

Harpos hosts a weekly trivia event which is a huge hit. They have one of their staff members emcee it, which saves money on hiring a weekly trivia jockey! They have seen increased business on game nights and Buzztime has simplified the process for running trivia nights for their bigger promotional events.

“We host an annual charity event every year using Buzztime’s Trivia LIVE”, noted Kevin. “In the past it has been very difficult and hectic to execute and now with Buzztime it is much smoother. The staff is less stressed, the event runs smoothly, and the patrons and the charity are much happier. The charity even wrote a very kind email stating how much they enjoyed the experience this year and that they will definitely be back.”


Make your location the new hot spot! Helix Sports Spirit Snacks from San Antonio has the know-how!

Boost Weekly Revenue:
Helix Sports Spirit Snacks’ patrons in San Antonio love Buzztime, especially poker! They are such big fans of Buzztime that the players convinced manager Michael to open the bar earlier on Thursdays to accommodate them. The bar, which originally opened at 4pm, now opens at 2pm. Michael wasn’t sure if opening earlier would be lucrative, but after trying it for several weeks the results were there! They experienced an increase of 10% more sales on Thursdays. The players loved the fact that the bar supported them by opening earlier. Many times all tablets are in use from 2pm till 4pm. Helix Sports Spirit Snacks is now the Thursday hot spot thanks to Buzztime!

Create Community:
“The players are coming in more often, staying longer, and spending more” said Michael. Thursdays are now popular for the sports bar because of the comradery the players helped build each week. It is the sense of community that made these players want to come back each week and play.

Advertise to Increase Sales:
Helix Sports Spirit Snacks also uses Buzztime’s Digital Signage tool to promote specials and events around football season and the holidays. The ads displayed alongside the Buzztime games has proven very effective in keeping customers up-to-date about events, as well as promoting menu specials, thus increasing customer spend!

Clearwater Grill

Buzztime is the perfect complement to the NFL Sunday Ticket at Clearwater Grill in Virginia!

Mike K., the General Manager of Clearwater Grill out of Locust Grove, VA, is a firm believer of placing Buzztime tablets front and center on his bar and tabletops. He says having the tablets easily available to his customers is the best way to get them to play Buzztime, even during Football Sunday! Since he’s added Buzztime to the location, customers are staying longer and spending more money at the bar, resulting in a 5% increase in sales!

When football is not on, the location utilizes other Buzztime features such as poker, as well as hosting a weekly game of OpinioNation LIVE. Mike loves getting the bartenders involved and interacting with the customers. They offer tablets to everyone who comes in and make sure that customers know what trivia games are playing and when. The customers really enjoy the game The Pulse, which is sports-themed trivia that runs Monday evenings. They also love our newest game, Buzztime Sports: Football Edition, which tests players’ knowledge of pro football!

The pub not only uses trivia, Hold ‘Em Poker, and Trivia LIVE features, but also the single-player Arcade. Mike knows many families make Clearwater Grill their family dining destination because Buzztime’s Arcade selection entertains the kids and lets the family enjoy their night out. An added bonus? Parents love that the games are free for their kids to play. Mike has seen many adults enjoying the arcade games at the bar, as well. “Buzztime is definitely a winner at this restaurant and worthwhile for us,” he stated.

Tanks Pub

Want to give customers an entertainment experience that is greater than just TV? Tanks Pub in Killeen, TX did just that!

Customers can watch TV anywhere – but when they play Buzztime, they come together. At Tanks Pub, there is a strong camaraderie that has formed while playing Lunchtime Trivia.

Sam, the location’s owner says the group loves the interaction and social experience of Buzztime:

“This is definitely the place to be on Fridays, especially if there is a bar vs. bar competition going on against other locations in Texas. We are a very competitive bunch but we have fun, too. We like to call the other locations and wish them a great game.

Our nighttime crowd is a bit younger and enjoys the “Late Night” questions. They also love our Trivia LIVE nights that we do about once a quarter. The night consists of helping out a local charity in the area with the help of our local rep. In addition, we do a “Battle of the Sexes” version of OpinioNation LIVE. This helps draw in new customers to the location as well as bring back existing ones on a weekly basis.

Over the past few years, Buzztime has helped Tanks Pub increase its customer base by creating just the right atmosphere and trivia competitions to maintain a fun, competitive environment.”


Want to bring in Buzztime players from near and far? Here are a few tips Walsh’s Bar and Grill picked up along the way.

Walsh’s Bar and Grill has found that Buzztime players seek out the friendly neighborhood bar when visiting Chicago. Since adding Buzztime, Walsh’s Bar and Grill has seen a consistent increase of traffic, especially from travelers visiting the area.

Make guests feel welcome with Buzztime:

Owner, Tim Walsh says that his customers love coming in to play on Monday nights. However, just because Monday is their busy night, doesn’t mean they aren’t rocking it during the week! They are constantly on our daily leaderboard with their top scores and players. Tim loves the publicity Buzztime brings in because out-of-towners specifically come to play at his location. “We play trivia every day, so it’s not surprising to hear that someone is visiting us, just because we are always on the leaderboard.” Walsh’s has seen an increase of bar sales on those busy Buzztime nights.

The system is so simple to use so our guests instantly know how to play. We also utilize the digital advertising feature to highlight our specials as well as keep our page on the Buzztime site finder up to date. Walsh’s also contributes much of its success to the constant tournaments they compete in with other Buzztime locations by using Competition Manager. The staff rallies a lot of players, and helps put the bar name out there. Try these ideas at your location because it’s no wonder that players are seeking them out.

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