Buzztime Shorts



Buzztime Shorts™ are 30-second trivia games and polls that run during breaks in regular programming. These mini-games run in short flights with themes highlighting current events in entertainment and sports. You’ll need to be quick on the draw with your answer though… this countdown clock ticks quickly!

Buzztime Shorts trivia games and polls are a fun way to pass the time between games, and you might just win some prizes for participating.

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  • Ask your server for a Playmaker® or gaming Tablet
  • Follow the prompts to log in, register or play as a guest
  • Buzztime Shorts, trivia games and polls, air randomly during breaks in regular programming
  • Trivia games:
    • You will be asked 1 question , worth a maximum of 1,000 points
    • Use the Playmaker to select your answer
    • As time counts down (quickly), so do the points
    • You can change your answer at any time
    • There is no penalty for getting the answer wrong
    • The person with the highest local cumulative total wins the mini-game
  • Polls:
    • You will be asked 1 opinion or prediction question
    • Use the Playmaker to select your answer
  • Opting In:
    • Sometimes you will have the option to opt in to receive more information
    • If you have opted in, and are entering information in a text field, you must submit your answer or push "Cancel" to move on to the regularly scheduled programming
  • Get out and Play!