Community Features FAQ

Q: What are the Buzztime Community Features?
The Buzztime Community features are a way for you to extend the Buzztime experience to your friends and connect with other Buzztime players. Through inviting friends, connecting with other players, managing your Buddy List and creating and joining private and public Groups you will be able to establish and enjoy your personal Buzztime community inside the Buzztime Universe.

Q: How do I invite my friends to join Buzztime?
The Invite a Friend feature allows you to import your email contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, MSN/Live and Hotmail. You can send personal invites to your friends to register at Buzztime.

Q: What do I get for getting my friends to join Buzztime?
You get the joy and satisfaction of knowing that your friends can now experience all that is Buzztime! And of course, when a friend of yours accepts your invite they will automatically be added to your Buddy List.

Q: How do I search for a Buzztime player?
You can search for any Buzztime player clicking on Player Search in the left hand navigation and typing in either their Username or Display Name (Handle).

Q: What is my Buddy list?
Any friend who accepts your invite will get added to your Buddy List. You can search for and add any existing Buzztime player to your Buddy List too. Your Buddy List will show you how you stack up against all of your Buddies.

Q: What information can I see on my Buddy list?
You can see all of your Buddies, their average score and number of games played. You can also select a game from the drop down to see how that rank on that specific game.

Q: What are Groups?
Groups function as a way to connect like-minded Buzztime players with similar interests. Groups, like your Buddy List, will show you how you rank against the other players in your Group. The difference between Groups and your Buddy List is that a Group can be created for any reason without a connection to another player. You can create a Group for people who only like Pearl Jam- and then this Group would show who is the best Buzztime Pearl Jam fan by monitoring all of the players in the Groups performance on a nightly and total basis.

Q: What is the difference between a Private and Public Group?
Anyone can create both Private and Public Groups. See below for some differences:Public Group:

    • Anyone can join!
    • Does not have an Administrator
    • Once created they cannot be deleted or edited
    • Example of a public group: Football Fanatics (anyone who loves Football can join!)

Private Group:

  • You must request to join
  • Creator of the Group will be the Administrator
  • All requests to join will be sent to the Admin for acceptance or denial
  • Example of a Private Group: Bob's Brilliant Buddies (only Bob's friends are accepted)

Q: What is the advantage of creating and joining Groups?
When you play Buzztime normally you can only chart or gage your performance at against other players at your local bar or restaurant and the National Leaderboard. The great thing about Groups is that they allow you to see how you perform against other Buzztime players in smaller networks. Groups allow you to find Buzztime members that share common interests and curiosities, and best of all you will see how well you stack up against these specific Buzztime players.

Q: Is there any limit to the number of Groups I can join or create?
No. The more the merrier!