OpinioNation LIVE





  Forget the Facts. It's a Popularity Contest!

Check out this LIVE bar game! Each week we poll Buzztime fans with fun survey questions, then turn around and ask YOU what the #1 answer was. Can your team guess the #1 response to each question? The opinions might surprise you! Want to play at an OpinioNation LIVE event? Talk to the staff at your favorite Buzztime bar to set one up!




  • Ask your server for a Playmaker┬« or gaming Tablet, or download the Mobile Playmaker app for your iOS or Android smartphone
  • Log in with your Username and password, and follow the prompts to Create a Team Name
  • Only one gaming device is needed per team. Pass it around so your whole team can participate!
  • This isn't trivia. There are no correct answers. Only opinions. Friendly debates are encouraged.
  • Score points on every question. Receive more the higher your answer ranks.
  • Each game is 30 questions long. Don't worry, the host can pause the game for breaks.
  • If there's a tie, a sudden death playoff round of up to five questions should break it. If not, the host settles the score.
  • Teams can consist of 1 to 20 players, so bring lots of friends, buy lots of drinks, and remember to tip your server!