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Jun 25 2010 03:40PM
My Kind Of Place.
Dec 5 2008 09:57AM
This is a great bar & grill. The food is excellent; they have the best breakfast burritos. If you love bloody marry?s, The Owner, Diane, makes the best. For NTN they have a ton of TV's. Trivia, Poker, and QB1 are the most played games. Check it out at Great local bar very friendly atmosphere. Lots of Pics of the customers on My Space. Sure miss the place, I moved to Mississippi.
Jul 21 2007 06:14AM
Owned by the same guy that owns the Scoreboard in Rockford, so you get pretty much the same food and everything.
Jan 23 2007 11:10PM
In response to post by FECKER re: BWW - Green Bay:

Thanks for the kind words, FECKER. All I can say is that BWW West Allis is the REAL DEAL! Great people. Great players. Plenty of tough competition, and the wait staff ain't too shabby either!

I visited BWW around the 2006 holidays as a "foreigner" and was welcomed with open arms, despite the caret. Had a chance to see some old friends (like FECKER - you RULE Burt!) and meet a ton of great folks (and their dads, too, X-RAY!). Overall, there was definitely some real trivia camaraderie in the air. You guys are the BEST, and I appreciate the warm welcome. Hope to see y'all soon again...

Well, now that the mutual "love-fest" is over, I'd like to accept your challenge for a Thursday night head-to-head comp.

There's more to Green Bay than Packers, brats, and cheese... we have beer too! But seriously, we happen to have some highly skilled triviaphiles in this neck of the woods, too.

Although, I gotta admit, it may be tough wrangling up 4 others to play consistently, so you may have to settle for playing against 1 drunk guy at the bar with 5 boards. Sorry. Wish I could do better.

Thanks again and I'm sure I'll see you guys soon! Best of luck and see y'all up on the Big Board soon!


(the ?original?) BLZBUB
Purveyor of Pain & Despair
Ombudsman of the Apocalypse
Oct 7 2006 03:23PM
Can't say much about this sight because it doesn't exsist. Where am I.
Sep 21 2006 02:36PM anyone out there??
Jul 27 2006 10:49AM
why wont you list my site on the web?
Jul 1 2006 07:21PM
Nice little place
May 8 2006 01:46PM
Best place to play in the country!
Mar 13 2006 04:17PM
Food and service at Trails are very good. It is a little noisy, but overall a very good expereince.
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