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If you have questions about an old account that was created before 7/8/09 and never upgraded, click here.

Q: What is the PlayersPlus program?
Buzztime designed the PlayersPlus program specifically to recognize the loyalty of our users. Players earn PlayersPlus Points - and status within the Buzztime community - every time they play games at Buzztime locations. PlayersPlus membership also qualifies players for our many prizes, perks, and special promotions.

Q: How do I register for PlayersPlus?
If you are registered with Buzztime then you are a PlayersPlus member! If you have been playing as a guest then you will need to register online at, or on the Playmaker, to become a member. Just follow the prompts to create your account!

Q: I am already registered. How do I update my Username, Password, home site and other account info?
You can change your account information, or select a favorite home site, anytime by going to the Edit My Info page. Usernames are unique, so you may change your Username as long as your new one is available. Be aware that if you change it, someone else is able to select your old Username.

Q: I used a Playmaker to become a PlayersPlus member and cannot log into the web site.
Please remember that your password is case-sensitive. If you cannot remember your Username or Password, you can enter the email address you used to set up your account at We will tell you your Username and send you instructions on how to reset your Password.

Q: I tried to register on the web site but it said my Username was already in use.
Usernames are unique and required for your universal login. If you received a message that the Username you want is unavailable, then please choose a new one.

Q: What do the different colored Icons on the ranking and scoreboard screens mean?
These symbols show the PlayersPlus membership status of each person. As you earn more PlayersPlus points, your symbol will change according to the chart below:

PlayersPlus membership status symbols

How many PlayersPlus Points can I earn per game, and what do I have to score to get the bonus points?
Please refer to the following table:

  Participation Points Bonus Points Bonus Score
Ask It Already! 300 600 6000
Badge Hunter 500 500 6000
Brainbuster 600 600 6000
Canada Eh? 600 600 6000
Countdown 500 500 6000
Glory Daze 600 600 6000
Immortal Words 300 600 6000
Lexitopia 300 600 6000
Lunchtime Trivia 300 300 3000
PasTimes 500 500 6000
Playback 1500 1500 18000
SciFiles 600 600 6000
Showdown 2000 2000 23000
SIX 1500 1500 18000
Speed Freaks 300 600 2000
Spotlight 1500 1500 18000
Sports Trivia 500 500 6000
The Late Shift 300 600 6000
The Pulse 1000 1000 12000
Topix 600 600 6000
Trendalicious Trivia 600 600 6000
Tuned In 500 500 6000

Q: What do I get for my PlayersPlus points?
PlayersPlus points hold no monetary value and are for bragging rights only! If you are interested in winning prizes we frequently have competitions for PlayersPlus members. For a list of current competitions and promotions please visit our Happenings page.

Q: Is against the rules to have more than one PlayersPlus account?
You are only eligible to win prizes with one account, and if multiple accounts are used in a contest or promotion you will automatically be disqualified. There is no benefit to having multiple accounts. By using your Username/Password you can log in at any location throughout the Buzztime Network so it is unnecessary to have more than one account. Duplicate accounts may be deleted without notice to the member. If you currently have more than one account and would like to consolidate your points into one account please contact us. Buzztime will not combine accounts that were active at the same time. Please note that points are combined, but stats are not. Only the stats from the old account remain. Buzztime is not responsible for lost stats, medals or points.

Q: I have lost my Username and Password. Can you find them for me?
If you cannot remember your Username or Password, you can enter the email you used to set up your account at We will tell you your Username and send you instructions on how to reset your Password.

Q: What is a Home Site?
A Home Site is the Buzztime restaurant or bar location that you play at the most. By adding a location as your home site you will start to show up on their local leaderboards. You will also notice that when you play at your home site you do not have the travelling ^ icon next to your name.

Q: I do not have a home site listed on my Player Profile. How do I get one added?
You can select and change your favorite home site yourself! You can either go to the Edit My Info page in the Player section of the site and choose your favorite location under My Home Site, or you can find a new location using our site finder and simply click on the little house icon next to it. When the house is green you know that is your home site!

Q: How do I change my Home Site?
Please do not set up a new account in order to change your home site location. Instead, simply log in online and visit the Edit My Info page on the Players section of the web site to change your account information. You can also find a new location using our site finder and simply click on the little house icon next to it. When the house is green you know that is your new home site!

Q: How do I play at other locations and still earn PlayersPlus points?
Because your Username/Password are a universal log in, where you play does not affect getting your points. Your Username and Password are the same no matter where you play.

Q: Will I be able to see my point total at a remote location?

Q: Why aren't my PlayersPlus points accumulating?
There are a couple possibilities as to why you could not be accumulating points on your account:

  1. Your site may not be connecting to our database properly. If you were able to log in while your site was offline your points will update when the site connects again.
  2. Make sure that you are logging into the Playmaker with the same information that you are using to log into the web site. Some people have accidentally set up a separate account on the website and so when they log in online they are not seeing their stats because it is not the same account that they are playing with at the establishment.

Q: I had 1st place at the bar, but 7th when I went online. Why did my rank decrease?
The leaderboards at the site you are playing can only display rankings from other locations that are currently connected to the internet. At any given time there are several locations that are not connected to the internet. Once a site connects the scores are reported back and several more sites and players are added to the rankings. This is why when you check your scores the next day the rankings have probably changed.

Q: Why didn't my score show up in the rankings?
Rankings do not show for one of two reasons:

  1. Your site is not connecting to Buzztime.
  2. Your site reported your scores too late and missed the cutoff. If your site missed the cutoff then you will receive your points but you will not be placed on the rankings for that week's game.

Q: Why did my achievements (Top 100s, Local wins, medals) decrease?
These stats are on a 6 month cycle. After 6 months, the old stats fall off, which results in your stats decreasing.

Q: Why can't I find another player's profile?
If the account has been inactive for more than a year it is possible that the account was deleted.

Q: How do I contact a PlayersPlus representative? What information should I include?
Contact us online, or write us at NTN Buzztime, Inc., Attn: PlayersPlus, 2231 Rutherford Rd, Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008-8830. It is very important that when contacting PlayersPlus you provide your full name, PlayersPlus login information, home site location and email address. By providing this information it will make it easier to answer your question as quickly as possible.



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