Buzztime's Smartest Bar
Buzztime's Smartest Bar

Think you're more than just a pretty face? PROVE IT.

The time has come to gather your friends and show off your big brains! Buzztime's Smartest Bar is a time to put your heads together and compete as a bar. Not to mention you can WIN PRIZES. Awesome, right? Play trivia, have fun as a team, win prizes, be known as the smartest bar in the US and Canada. Sweet.

Here are the details:

    What: Buzztime's Smartest Bar Trivia Game
    When: April & June Semi-Finals, August Finals
    Time: Mondays at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT

Cash & Prizes:

Now listen up, because there are a few ways to win stuff here. We've got the actual competition where the brainiest of the bunch will be crowned, and then we've got a sweepstakes just for having fun and playing along!

Competition: (this is the "get your team together and kick butt brains" part)

April & June (Semi-Finals)

1st Place in Each Region

  • Trophy for your bar
  • A $250 Player Party
  • A Prize Pack for you!

2nd, 3rd and Wild Card (Regional)

  • Trophy for your bar
  • A Prize Pack for you!
April and June semi-finalists will compete in the August finals!

August (Finals)

1st Place Winner

  • Champion trophy and banner for your bar
  • Your team photo on the Buzztime Network
  • A $500 Player Party
  • Custom Championship T-Shirt for you!

2nd & 3rd Place Winners

  • Smartest Bar Runner-up trophy for your bar
  • Your team photo on the Buzztime Network
  • A $250 Player Party for your bar

Sweepstakes: (this is the "just have fun and play" part)

The Smartest Bar Sweepstakes take place in April, June AND August - so don't forget to play along with the finals even if your bar didn't make it! Here's what you could win: Learn more about the Smartest Bar Sweepstakes!

You must be a Buzztime PlayersPlus member to win, so don't forget to register... it's free!

Get Social to WIN MORE!

We’ve also set up a special tab on Facebook just for Smartest Bar… So join us and you could WIN some great prizes, including:

Is Your Bar The Smartest? Put your heads together to help your bar WIN!
Buzztime's Smartest Bar