Can you shout commands, push buttons, and shake to avoid asteriods?
Then you can – and should – play Spaceteam now.

Here's how to play at your nearest Buzztime location:
ASSEMBLE SQUAD: There is no "I" in Spaceteam, it's a party game for 2-8 players

ENGAGE TABLETS: Ask your server for Buzztime Tablets, each player needs one

LAUNCH SPACETEAM: Tablets sync and turn into spaceship control panels with dials and buttons

FOLLOW COMMANDS: Time-sensitive instructions are sent to your team - yell them out!

REPAIR SPACESHIP: Your ship is falling apart, can you follow directions fast enough?

*EVERYBODY SHAKE!: When warned, shake your tablet to survive asteroids.

" may be the most fun multiplayer (game) out there right now."

- Three Mobile