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15 Creative Bar Promotions (That Increase Midweek Business)

No guest will refuse a 2-for-1 pitcher deal or $2 off a well drink. But those bar promotions ...
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50 Buzzworthy Bar and Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Improve Slow Nights

Great bar and restaurant promotion ideas get people talking – and get guests in the door. These 50 ...

How to Elevate the Waiting Room Experience

No one likes to wait. Whether you own a DMV or you run a dentist’s office, the inevitability of waiting in a small room for an hour or more can give your line of business a bad reputation. We aren’t suggesting you can make the wait go away, but by investing in some alternatives to the standard magazine subscriptions you can make the waiting room a (dare we say) fun place to be.
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How Technology Has Changed Hospitality – and How to Keep Up

As the world around us has been revolutionized by rapid technological developments, so to have the needs of our loyal customers. Hotel managers and other leaders in the hospitality industry are keenly aware of the role technology plays in the lives of their customers – and, transitively, in the success or failure of those in our industry.
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Improving Customer Service: Training and Retaining the Best Talent

Customer service isn’t merely a skillset – it’s an art form. While routine training on workflow and regulations is customary, restaurant managers who want to run a respected and successful establishment need to shine in every way. Beyond food, your customer experience and service will make or break your restaurant.
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4 Ways to Instill Customer Loyalty

No matter how much you change your brand or modify your image the best tool for raising your bottom line is keeping loyal customers. Growing a solid customer base of satisfied and enthusiastic patrons is the best way to create reliable income.
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Best Tips for Higher Tips

If you’re a waiter or waitress at a local pub or restaurant, and aren’t regularly getting 20 percent or more, don’t be discouraged. Implement these methods and you can raise your tips in no time.
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Why Getting Feedback Is Important For Your Restaurant

No matter how you do it, it’s essential to get customer feedback about your restaurant! Whether you give customers a paper survey, use a website, or simply ask them questions, hearing what your customers think can give you invaluable information.
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How to Turn First Time Guests into Loyal Customers for Your Restaurant

Everyone knows that the best customers are loyal, repeat customers. In the highly competitive restaurant industry, especially, you have only one chance to make a great first impression and turn those first-time guests into returning ones. Here’s how to make sure that your first-time guests keep coming back.
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7 Key Elements to Build Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers can make the difference between a restaurant that succeeds and a restaurant that fails. So what can you do to make sure you attract faithful customers? Read on to find out seven key elements you can use to build customer loyalty at your restaurant.
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What Customers Don’t Like About Your Restaurant

Read over this list of seven common restaurant turn offs. Are you guilty of any of these offenses? If so, you might be turning customers away!
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5 Ways to Create Memorable Customer Experiences in your Bar or Restaurant

Here are five guaranteed ways to deliver those unique and memorable experiences that will have your guests coming back for more.
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