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15 Creative Bar Promotions (That Increase Midweek Business)

No guest will refuse a 2-for-1 pitcher deal or $2 off a well drink. But those bar promotions ...
restaurant promotion ideas

50 Buzzworthy Bar and Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Improve Slow Nights

Great bar and restaurant promotion ideas get people talking – and get guests in the door. These 50 ...

10 Must Know Twitter Tips for Your Bar or Restaurant

These 10 tips will help you get the hang of Twitter and figure out how you can use it to benefit your bar or restaurant.
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Must Read Tips for Bar and Restaurant Management

Before you can manage your team, you must know exactly what you want them to do. Being clear from the get-go can help you avoid becoming a micro-manager later on.
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The Benefits of Stellar Menu Design

Your menu’s design is incredibly important—you need to impress customers and let them know about your offerings in an extremely short amount of time.
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How to Market Your Restaurant to Millennials

If you want to attract millennials to your restaurant, you’ll have to market directly to them. Read on for a few tips on how you can make your restaurant more attractive to this coveted demographic.
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Innovation Principles That Will Take Your Bar or Restaurant to the Next Level

Innovation is at its core what separates the great from the rest of the pack, regardless of industry or pursuit. And in today’s hospitality industry that’s no exception where competition and consumer demand are fiercer than ever.
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6 Clever Customer Loyalty Programs

By now, you’re used to companies offering loyalty programs. Check out these ideas for clever customer loyalty programs.
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Improve Customers’ Dining Experience with Lighting and Ambiance

Your ambiance and lighting might not be the first things you think of when you’re planning your restaurant’s success, but they’re both incredibly important. They help to create the overall experience your customers have in your bar or restaurant.
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Why Digital Signage is a Must-Have Tool for Today’s Bars and Restaurants

More and more bars and restaurants across the U.S. are embracing digital signage as the technology evolves, making it both more affordable and user-friendly than ever before.
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The BIG Benefits of Treating Employees Well

A great restaurant starts with your employees! Keeping them happy doesn’t just mean raising their wages (although a fair salary is definitely a step in the right direction).
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Speed Vs. Quality of Service at Your Restaurant

When customers go out for a meal, they want to get exactly what they ordered, complete with impeccable service. But they also want their meal as soon as possible. So which one is more important…speedy service or quality service?
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