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Spring Activities for Seniors to Shake Off the Winter Blues (9 Fresh Ideas)

After those wintery months inside, seniors are ready to say…hello, sunshine! But spring weather is famous for sunny ...
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Must-Have Senior Living Technology

As a senior living community manager, you look for the best employees to join your team. The new ...
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How Technology Can Create a Healthy Senior Living Environment

We’ve found 3 types of applications that seniors and retirement homes can use on their tablets, computers, or phones, to create a healthier nursing home environment.

Fun Summer Activities for Seniors:
12 Creative Ideas

Summer brings sunshine and new entertainment and activities for your senior residents! Read on for 12 creative ideas that are guaranteed to boost health and spirits.
summer activities for seniors

Spring Activities for Seniors to Shake Off the Winter Blues (9 Fresh Ideas)

From gardening to trivia nights, these Spring activities for seniors are a great way for your residents to enjoy the sunshine and get social!
spring activities for seniors

14 Wellness-Boosting Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Seniors deserve fun activities…that boost wellness, too! These 14 creative Valentine’s Day activities will help your senior community’s residents celebrate the season of love – and live their best life. So, grab your cupid’s bow and start planning. Mentally Stimulating Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors February 14th may focus…
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Oh, What Fun! 19 Brilliant Holiday Activities for Seniors

‘Tis the season for festive fun at your senior living community! Make the most wonderful time of year even better for residents with exciting holiday activities for seniors. Need inspiration? We made a list and checked it twice. Here are 19 of the most merry ideas… Pure Fun…The 5 Best Holiday Activities for Seniors 1)…
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The 9 Most Useful Holiday Gifts for Seniors

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But the holidays can also be stressful for senior living community managers in need of creative ways to boost holiday cheer for residents. That’s why we’ve put together a list of gifts for seniors at your residence – all designed to be useful…and fun! Gaming Gifts for…
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14 Fall Activities for Seniors That Boost Wellbeing

Days are shorter. Nights are chillier. Fall is in full swing! With autumn’s arrival comes an opportunity for senior living community managers to enrich life for residents with these 14 wellness-focused fall activities for seniors. The Great Indoors When the weather isn’t cooperating, host fall activities for seniors indoors. In fact, this is where fall…
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6 Nursing Home Games That Keep Minds Sharp

When you run a senior living community, you should always provide a variety of fun and engaging activities that help residents exercise their most important muscle – the brain. That’s where nursing home games come in. Just as seniors need social stimulation for comfort and happiness, they also need mental stimulation to stay sharp and…
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Ways to Combat Isolation and Loneliness in Senior Living Homes

For seniors who must give up the comfort of their own home for the added support available in a senior living home, the change can lead to social isolation and loneliness, particularly for seniors without a spouse or partner, or those without family that live nearby that can easily visit. To tend to a resident that you can tell experiences loneliness, try these fresh ideas to help them engage socially.
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Ways to Encourage Social Connections for Solitary Seniors

When you work at a nursing home, you’ll quickly notice that some seniors tend to stay to themselves. Transitioning from an independent lifestyle to daily life in a senior living facility or nursing home involves a lot of change, and in the face of something new and foreign some people will naturally retreat.
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