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15 Creative Bar Promotions (That Increase Midweek Business)

No guest will refuse a 2-for-1 pitcher deal or $2 off a well drink. But those bar promotions ...
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50 Buzzworthy Bar and Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Improve Slow Nights

Great bar and restaurant promotion ideas get people talking – and get guests in the door. These 50 ...
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13 Instagram Marketing Tips for Bars: The Essential DO and DON’T List

Kids these days call Instagram “the Gram.” But it’s not just teens scrolling through the photo-sharing social media platform: nearly 40 percent of all social media users are on Instagram, making it the most-used type of social media after Facebook. Need a few reasons to up your Insta-game with our Instagram marketing tips for bars?…
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The Essential Formula for Responding to Negative Reviews

If a bad Yelp review makes you yelp in agony, that’s a good sign: you take online criticism seriously. After all, ZenDesk reports that 88 percent of today’s customers are influenced by online reviews. Responding to negative reviews in a positive, proactive way can offset the initial complaint. Here’s how to do it using our…
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Why Your Restaurant Should be Investing in Mobile

Enticed by the promise of increased exposure, more and more restaurants are utilizing mobile devices to expand their reach. If you’re not taking advantage of mobile technology, learn why you could be losing your competitive edge. Compelling Data Recently, RetailMeNot, Inc. commissioned Google Consumer Surveys to poll more than 1,000 people about their dining habits.…
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The Steps to Mastering Restaurant Customer Service Online

If they want to succeed in the digital age, restaurateurs must have the ability and willingness to manage their online reputations. To win the hearts of past and potential guests, consider the following guidelines for better online customer service. Address complaints on every channel. Good customer service shouldn’t be limited to the table, telephone or…
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How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Yelp Rating

Yelp. Depending on your level of mastery, the mere mention of the crowd-sourced review website may send shivers down your spine. A negative Yelp review can haunt your restaurant for years to come, and in the era of smartphones ranking high on Yelp with a favorable score is one of the best ways to attract new business.
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How to Get the Word Out About Your Trivia Night

After dealing with slow weekend nights for months, you’ve decided to attract more customers by hosting a live trivia night at your restaurant. Great idea! However, without proper promotion and marketing you’ll be investing in a night as slow as any other. Ensuring a successful event means you have to reach the audiences that are most likely to trek out to your event. But where do you begin?
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Going Digital: The New Standard of Restaurant Signage

For fast casual restaurants and quick service eateries, digital signage is becoming crucial to beating out the competition. Having digital signage in your restaurant opens up endless possibilities, providing ways to cut costs, boost profits, and actively engage with your customers on multiple platforms.
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Using Geolocation Mobile Ads to Advertise Your Restaurant Efficiently

Smartphones have “location services,” meaning that Facebook and other apps can track the location of users in real-time. Mobile ads that utilize this feature are geolocation-specific: if you know what you’re doing, you can greatly increase conversion per ad by relying on the location of your intended customers to do the heavy lifting for you.
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How Effective is Mobile Advertising for Restaurants?

The advertising and marketing landscape for the restaurant and food industry is constantly shifting. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, restaurants lead the way in experimental and new advertising methods like social media posts, banner ads, and targeted advertising on mobile devices and restaurant tablets.
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Digital Marketing for Restaurants 101

In an age where most information is gathered online, digital marketing is the deciding factor in how successful your bar or restaurant will be in edging out the competition. But where to start? We know you may have not studied marketing, so let Buzztime help – here are the digital marketing basics for restaurants and bars.
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