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The Ultimate FAQ Sheet: How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online

It’s happening. An angry customer is slamming you on Facebook. What do you do? Don’t panic. Use this proven 7A Formula for how to respond to negative reviews. You can win back their hearts and even gain new customers in the process. We put together FAQs based on real questions from bar and restaurant owners……
respond to negative reviews online

How to Design the Best Restaurant Loyalty Program

Guest loyalty. There’s an app for that! That’s why restaurants are ditching punch cards and plastic loyalty cards in favor of mobile loyalty apps. See the 4 reasons to launch one now and learn the ABCs of building an awesome restaurant loyalty program. Why Go Mobile with Your Restaurant Loyalty Program? Today, over 77 percent…
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The Essential Formula for Responding to Negative Reviews

If a bad Yelp review makes you yelp in agony, that’s a good sign: you take online criticism seriously. After all, ZenDesk reports that 88 percent of today’s customers are influenced by online reviews. Responding to negative reviews in a positive, proactive way can offset the initial complaint. Here’s how to do it using our…
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How Restaurants Are Leveraging CRM Software

Rooted in human connections and real-world senses, restaurants seem like the last place you’d expect a lot of technology. In reality, however, the dining industry has embraced modern advancements, which streamline efficiencies and enhance customer satisfaction. Read on to learn how customer relationship management (CRM) software is changing the guest experience. What Exactly Is CRM?…
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The Steps to Mastering Restaurant Customer Service Online

If they want to succeed in the digital age, restaurateurs must have the ability and willingness to manage their online reputations. To win the hearts of past and potential guests, consider the following guidelines for better online customer service. Address complaints on every channel. Good customer service shouldn’t be limited to the table, telephone or…
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Using Customer Service as a Marketing Tool

Restaurants spend countless dollars curating marketing messages for billboards, TV spots and online ads. Unfortunately, few make as great an investment in another critical communication channel. If you’ve been neglecting customer service as a key marketing tool, learn why you’re making a big mistake. What’s the Point of Marketing? According to a study by Genesys,…
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How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Yelp Rating

Yelp. Depending on your level of mastery, the mere mention of the crowd-sourced review website may send shivers down your spine. A negative Yelp review can haunt your restaurant for years to come, and in the era of smartphones ranking high on Yelp with a favorable score is one of the best ways to attract new business.
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How to Elevate the Waiting Room Experience

No one likes to wait. Whether you own a DMV or you run a dentist’s office, the inevitability of waiting in a small room for an hour or more can give your line of business a bad reputation. We aren’t suggesting you can make the wait go away, but by investing in some alternatives to the standard magazine subscriptions you can make the waiting room a (dare we say) fun place to be.
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How Technology Has Changed Hospitality – and How to Keep Up

As the world around us has been revolutionized by rapid technological developments, so to have the needs of our loyal customers. Hotel managers and other leaders in the hospitality industry are keenly aware of the role technology plays in the lives of their customers – and, transitively, in the success or failure of those in our industry.
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Improving Customer Service: Training and Retaining the Best Talent

Customer service isn’t merely a skillset – it’s an art form. While routine training on workflow and regulations is customary, restaurant managers who want to run a respected and successful establishment need to shine in every way. Beyond food, your customer experience and service will make or break your restaurant.
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