6 Tips for Promoting a Successful Happy Hour at Your Bar

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For many people, the end of the workday means one thing…it’s time for happy hour! Those precious hours, usually sometime between 4 and 7 pm, can be a great time to draw in hungry and thirsty customers who are ready to relax, unwind, and buy some drinks. No matter what kind of bar you run, a great happy hour can be a real asset. But how can you promote your happy hour? What will make people want to pick your bar, instead of the many happy hours in your neighborhood or city? Read on to for 6 tips to promote your bar’s happy hour.

1. In-house marketing and bouncebacks.

Make sure you have table tents or signs in your bar that mention your happy hour, with a list of your specials. Even if customers missed happy hour, you want them to know that they can check it out tomorrow. And, don’t forget the power of bounceback coupons. Give customers a coupon for a special deal at your next happy hour and they’re likely to return.

2. Utilize social media.

Social media can be a great way to hook customers, but it’s especially helpful for happy hour. How many employees get antsy near the end of the workday and spend some time refreshing their social media feeds? A lot! By tweeting about your great happy hour specials in the afternoon, you’ll be hitting customers just when they start craving a break.

3. Use group deals.

Most people don’t show up to happy hour alone. They usually come in with a big group of friends or coworkers, so offer special deals for groups. Deals on appetizer platters or deep discounts on pitchers will make your happy hour a destination.

4. Events.

Sure, cheap drinks and food might typically be the star of the show during happy hour, but why not liven things up a bit by giving customers another reason to come in? Karaoke, live music, and trivia are all great options. Buzztime BEOND is one great way to let your customers play trivia, sports, and arcade games.

5. Create a special menu.

The typical move when planning a happy hour is to simply offer a discount on some of your typical drinks or appetizers. But instead, try creating a special “happy-hour only” menu. If customers know that they can only try a certain cocktail during your happy hour, they’ll be more likely to stop by and check it out.

6. Late night happy hours.

Who says happy hour always has to be at the same time? Yes, happy hour brings in many people who are just getting out of their 9-5 jobs, but don’t forget about all the employees who don’t have typical hours. If your bar is usually slow on weeknights, try offering a later happy hour, like one that starts at 10 pm. You’ll set yourself apart from other happy hours in the area and attract a different group of customers.

Which of these 6 tips are you looking forward to implementing in your bar? Whichever ones you choose, you’re likely to ramp up your ordinary happy hour and turn it into a successful one!

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