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With Buzztime, the sense of community makes players want to come back each week and play.  The players are coming in more often, staying longer and spending more. Our customers love Buzztime, especially poker. We added a popular weekly Buzztime poker event and are seeing 10% more sales on Thursdays. We also use Buzztime’s digital signage to promote special and events around football season and the holidays.  The ads are very effective in keeping our customers up-to-date about events as well as promoting menu specials.


-Michael Culver | Helix Sports Spirits and Snacks

San Antonio, TX

When effectively integrated into the dining and drinking experience, we at Arooga’s have found that digital menus improve customer engagement with our brand; which translates to higher sales. Our servers have even noticed they are receiving larger tips from customers ordering off the tablets! It’s win-win.


There are many advantages that we have noticed with the integration of the digital menus but a few are the ability to eliminate the costly need for printed menus, Buzztime’s digital menu platform also enables you to make changes easily and instantly through the program application itself. For instance, if we run out of a dish one night, you can discreetly remove it from the menu so you won’t have to tell your customers that the item they requested is no longer available.


-Gary Huether | Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar

Harrisburg, PA

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